Third Love Is Being Sued by Chelsea Handler for $1.5 Million, Claiming Contract Breach

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In a lawsuit submitted on Thursday, Chelsea Handler alleges that ThirdLove abruptly postponed a campaign event and has not yet compensated her for the more than $1 million they purportedly agreed upon in a contract.

According to documents acquired by PEOPLE, the 47-year-old comedian filed a breach of contract lawsuit against ThirdLove on Thursday in the Superior Court of California in Los Angeles County.

According to the complaint, Handler and ThirdLove signed a one-year agreement on Jan. 1 under which she “would solely promote the ThirdLove brand in exchange for the payment of $1,060,000, plus expenses.”

Handler claims that as part of the deal

She promoted ThirdLove, started a personalized fitness regimen, listened in on corporate conference calls and meetings, and attended fashion fittings. On January 27, she was also scheduled to star in a promotional photo session.

In court documents, Handler asserts that ThirdLove “unilaterally” canceled the shoot and the “entire arrangement” the previous evening. The complaint states that she paid for her own trip from Whistler, Canada, to Los Angeles for the occasion.

Third Love Is Being Sued by Chelsea Handler for $1.5 Million, Claiming Contract Breach

She asserts that she was informed that ThirdLove’s campaign was never approved by the company’s board of directors, who allegedly intervened “at the eleventh hour” after learning about it and instructed ThirdLove to “cancel the parties’ agreement.”

Handler continues in the lawsuit that ThirdLove reportedly disregarded her attempts to get in touch with them and has not yet given her the agreed-upon sum, despite the fact that the business is said to have paid the vendors used in the campaign shoot.

She demands that ThirdLove pay the whole value of the contract as well as “monies she spent out of her own pocket” in accordance with the agreement because she claims to have incurred more than $1.5 million in damages. Due to her exclusive contract with the lingerie company, Handler reportedly also wants to be reimbursed for the cash she lost by declining collaborations with athleisure labels like ALO and Athleta.

Handler is claiming promissory estoppel and contract violation

Chelsea Handler is also asking for legal fees. She feels there is more than $1.5 million owing but wants the exact amount to be determined at trial.

According to attorneys for Handler, “the case speaks for itself.” PEOPLE reached out to ThirdLove for comment, but they did not respond right away.

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