Godfather of Harlem Season 3 Episode 4 Recap – Who poisoned Malcolm X?

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Who poisoned Malcolm X? – Godfather of Harlem Season 3 Episode 4 Recap first appeared on Ready Steady Cut.

There are spoilers in this Godfather of Harlem Season 3 Episode 4 recap titled “Captain Fields.”

The character “Captain Fields” is based on Captain Reggie Fields (Derrick Williams), the current commander of the 27th Precinct, which, coincidentally, houses the detectives in Law & Order, despite the real-life NYPD lacking such a precinct. Captain Fields is Black, which, depending on your perspective, is either a good or a negative thing. Joe Colombo believes it has to do with optics and is an attempt to put an end to African-American resistance following the Harlem Riots. And it best be because the French Connection’s Monsieur 98 (Isaach De Bankol) is scheduled to arrive in the United States at any moment with a record-breakingly enormous supply of heroin.

To seize power from the other Families, Joe needs to be in charge of the shipment. Additionally, Bumpy Johnson needs it to maintain control over Harlem and keep Jose Battle and the Italians out of their operation. The latest appointment of Fields is a huge worry since no one will be selling narcotics in Harlem without having the 27th on their payroll.

Godfather of Harlem Season 3 Episode 4 Recap

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Since Mayme has nothing to do following her resignation in Episode 3, she suggests that Bumpy meet with Fields, who she believes to be a decent, honest man. However, the meeting is unsuccessful. Fields isn’t interested in taking action when two uniformed officers from the same precinct shoot up Bumpy’s bar, the Geechee, presumably on orders from Colombo. Bumpy makes a decision to instead. To learn more about the uniformed police, he speaks with Midtown Captain Gary D’Alessandro (Nick Chinlund), but as soon as he starts asking questions, Colombo has him killed and shows Bumpy his body in the trunk of his car to make his point.

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Why Doesn’t Stella Rat on Colombo?

For Colombo, things aren’t going well. He is not taken seriously by the other bosses. Bumpy has repeatedly turned down his business proposals, humiliating him in front of the Families each time. Stella too seems unable to stand him, despite the fact that he is protecting her and thus doing her a service. When ADA Pike offers her a new identity and a ticket to Paris in exchange for helping him be connected to the upcoming heroin shipment, she almost becomes his undoing in “Captain Fields.” She invites Colombo to dinner, conceals a recording device on a shelf, and claims to be her father looking for information about the shipment while inviting Colombo. Colombo makes them available. Stella smashes the recording and informs Pike that he is clean since he is so kind to her and probably so pitiful in his admission that he doesn’t really have any friends and is as lonely as she is.

Bumpy is still able to exert influence because Fields prevents the two uniformed police officers from apprehending him when they attempt to do so (again under Colombo’s orders). Since he calls them by name, Bumpy can have his own men find them and abduct them. He does, and he and Battle torture them both until they divulge in the 27th the identities of everyone employed by the Italian government. He delivers Fields, whose name appeared on the list of people who received Colombo’s pad money, their signed letters of resignation, badges, and confessions. Fields is informed by Bumpy that he is now working for him up until further notice.

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Who Poisoned Malcolm X in Egypt?

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The main plotline of “Captain Fields” also concerns Malcolm X’s ongoing exploits in Africa, this time with Elise along for the ride. They are in Egypt, but Elise is restricted to the hotel room because Egypt has more stricter laws around women than did West Africa. Malcolm busies himself with meeting Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara(Arturo Del Puerto), who essentially big-brothers him into using his upcoming speech at the Pan-African Conference to make a plight for global liberation rather than keep his message relevant only to unjustly persecuted Black Americans, while Elise is strongarmed by a man named Gregory Reynolds, apparently of the U.S. State Department, who would much prefer Malcolm to make no speech at all, let alone one in support of Communism.

Malcolm experiences a bad stomach after having dinner with Guevara a second time and nearly falls asleep during the speech.

Elise speculates that Reynolds was poisoned, which is likely accurate and consistent with history. The U.S. government, especially the CIA, would be the obvious suspect in this case, since Malcolm knew Reynolds was truly working for the agency almost away. Nevertheless, he awakens in time for the speech and delivers it, which is intercut with historical material and images of Bumpy and Battle torturing police officers while Malcolm discusses the treatment of African-Americans that has resulted from their actions.

Monsieur 98’s arrival in the United States signals the end of “Captain Fields,” which doesn’t augur good for anyone at this point.

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