Billy Blanks Jr Net Worth: How Much Has This Person Made This Year?

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Billy Blanks, Jr. is a $5 million American fitness instructor, personal trainer, dancer, and author. Billy is best known as the son of Billy Blanks, the iconic fitness icon and originator of Tae Bo. Having said that, Blanks Jr. has risen as a superstar in his own right, following in his father’s footsteps and launching a number of fitness-related goods. His net wealth is even more astonishing when you realize that he apparently had no financial aid from his father.

Billy has received notoriety for his accomplishments as a dancer in addition to his efforts in the fitness industry. He has starred in a variety of music videos over the years, including those by Madonna, Paula Abdul, Babyface, and many others. He also appeared in a number of television shows, including “The Practice,” “Sister, Sister,” and “American Dreams.” In addition, he is a talented vocalist and theatre actor who has featured in the national tour of “Fame.”

Early Years

Billy Blanks Jr. was born in 1979 to fitness instructor Billy Blanks and his wife, Gayle H. Godfrey. The two first met in a karate lesson. He was reared in Los Angeles alongside Gayle’s daughter, Shellie, who went on to become a successful fitness entrepreneur. The Blanks are recognized as the “first family of fitness.”

billy blanks jr net worth

Billy Blanks Jr. was infatuated with dancing as a child. Although he assisted his father in running fitness courses, he was most content when emulating Michael Jackson’s routines after the sessions had concluded, and he was reputedly mentored by Paula Abdul. During this period, Blanks Jr. felt that his father’s classes were too rigorous for many students. This aided him in developing the first concept for the “Dance it Out” program.

Quick Facts

Full Name Billy Blanks, Jr.
Birth Date / Age March 3, 1974 / 47 Years Old
Birth Place Boston (Area), Massachusetts, USA
Source of Wealth Fitness Personality
Relationship Status Single
Height 5 ft. 9 in. / 1.82 m.
Net Worth $5 Million


Despite his father’s reputation and money, Blanks Jr.’s path to success was not simple. In fact, he faced the prospect of homelessness at one point. Billy and his wife used to live in a small motel in Sherman Oaks and teach fitness lessons together. They were barely able to pay their bills. Billy also claims that he was unable to pay for Christmas presents, energy bills, and heating prices during a particularly difficult period in 2011.

Billy had already established himself as a professional dancer before this struggle. He collaborated with a number of well-known artists, dancing in a variety of music videos. He also began choreographing school shows and local dance ensembles. He also landed a role in the national tour of the well-received musical “Fame.” In addition, he played a bellboy in two episodes of “Sister, Sister.”

DVD Contract

In 2007, he and his wife released “Cardioke,” their first exercise DVD. Billy was awarded a DVD contract after premiering the dance-focused training program on “Ellen Degeneres.” Unfortunately, the DVD never really took off. Blanks Jr. believes that his DVD was shelved by the production business because they were concerned that his training regimen would compete with other DVDs they had previously produced. “Fat Burning Hip Hop Mix,” another early DVD effort, similarly failed to make an impression. “Dance Party Boot Camp” was another DVD release.

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Billy and his wife eventually realized that their current way of living was not sustainable. Their primary source of income was teaching fitness courses, which was insufficient to cover their expenses. Despite his early triumphs, Billy found himself in desperate straits by 2011.

Shark Tank

His fortunes changed forever once he was featured on the popular reality TV show “Shark’s Tank.” Billy proposed a new training program called “Dance It Out.” This was essentially a new take on previous fitness plans that Blanks Jr. had sought to popularise in the past. The main purpose of “Dance it Out” was to make working out more enjoyable and accessible to a wider spectrum of people. This ambition is a direct result of Billy’s work with his father. Blanks Jr. saw over time that many people were not up to his father’s fitness program. He overheard Oprah Winfrey lamenting about how difficult it was.

billy blanks jr net worth

Billy’s big chance at success was on “Shark’s Tank,” but he shockingly turned down an offer from the sharks. He said that he did not think the deal was a good business move and walked away. This could have been the end of his quest if Daymond John hadn’t hunted him down and persuaded him to reconsider after the cameras had stopped rolling. His “Dance it Out” DVD was released for the first time in 2013. Since then, the DVD has proven to be fairly popular in both the United States and Japan. Despite (or possibly because of) their success, Billy Blanks Jr. and his father reportedly fell out after the publication of “Dance It Out.” Some attribute this to the stark disparities in philosophy with which both men approach the realm of fitness. While Blanks Sr. focuses on martial arts and hard training, his son has focused on enjoyable, joyful exercises centered on dancing.

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Billy was appointed artistic director of the Wall Street Theater in Norwalk, Connecticut, in 2017. He is also active in the Fairfield County theatre community, assisting a non-profit company called Curtain Call with dancing classes.


billy blanks jr net worth

Billy Blanks Jr. is married to Sharon. Sharon is an important part of Billy’s journey and accomplishment, and they frequently teach fitness sessions together. They have two children together.

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