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On July 4, 2022, British actor David Warner, who had been in his eighties, passed away. His net worth was $8 million at the time of his death, making him an English actor.

Early Life

He was born in Manchester, Lancashire, in July 1941. Warner’s parents were unmarried, which was unusual at the time, and he frequently visited both sets of grandparents before settling down with his father and stepmother. To further his education, he attended London’s Royal Academy of Dramatic Art after graduating from the Feldon School of Acting.


As a result, Warner went on to play a variety of roles on stage, including those in several Shakespeare plays. Following television and film roles, he became best known for his roles as villains and romantic leads. In terms of recurring character themes, he is one of the most well-known actors. It’s also worth noting that Warner took a three-decade sabbatical from the stage.

Although he appeared on Broadway as Andrew Undershaft in Major Barbara (Broadway) in 2001. He kept performing until the year 2008. The first professional images of Warner since 1966 were taken in 2013 when he was photographed for the first time since then. The photographs were shown in a London gallery as part of a national exhibition.

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The estimated net worth of Warner is $8 million

According to Celebrity Net Worth, David Warner’s net worth is $8 million. A lot of people will be surprised by this rounded-up figure. Over the course of his nearly 60-year career on screen, Warner was rarely cast in the lead role; rather, he was frequently seen in supporting or guest roles. The pay for roles at this level of the film industry food chain is lower than that of big-name actors.

david warner net worth

There is a wide range of rates for television guest stars ranging from $1,500 to $3,000 for a single day of work, depending on the length of their appearance. One-hour drama guest appearances can earn actors up to $8,000 for eight days of work, while a half-hour comedy show guest appearance can earn actors $5,000 for five days’ work. According to Go Banking Rates, the mathematical mean salary for an actor in the United States is $58,000.

Given this, Warner’s wealth is all the more impressive. He never got a big paycheck for a big role, but with over 200 credits, he was able to turn several small (but notable) roles into a considerable sum of money.

Come Back to The Stage

When Hokus Bloke Productions and BBC Audiobooks released their 13-part version of Robert Rankin’s The Brightonomicon, Warner was heard as the character of Hugo Rune. Actors such as Sarah Douglas, Rupert Degas, Andy Serkis, Jason Isaacs (from Harry Potter), Mark Wing-Davey, and Martin Jarvis all appeared alongside him. The script was written by Elliott Stein and Neil Gardner, who also produced and directed the film.

As Lord Mountbatten of Burma, Warner portrayed the romantic novelist Barbara Cartland in the BBC Four television biopic In Love with Barbara, which premiered in October 2008. Povel Wallander, Kurt’s father, appears in the BBC One drama, “Wallander.”

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Supplementary Assignments

Mark Gatiss, a writer, and actor interviewed Warner in 2010 for his BBC documentary series A History of Horror about his role in The Omen (1976).

This portrait was acquired by the National Portrait Gallery in London and was the first professional portrait sitting of David Warner since 1966 when he posed for Rory Lewis Photographers ‘Northerners’ Exhibition in November 2013.

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