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American radio host, storyteller, and novelist Garrison Keillor has worth $5 million, according to some estimates. To many people, he’s best known for hosting A Prairie Home Companion. The Writer’s Almanac, which Keillor hosts, is also available online.

Early life and Career

Garrison Keillor was born in Anoka, Minnesota, and received his bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Minnesota. He began working at the campus radio station while still a student.

In what is now Minnesota Public Radio in the late 1960s, his professional radio career began as a host. The New Yorker and other newspapers first published his work when it was in the early 1970s. In the summer of 1974, he launched his radio program, “A Prairie Home Companion.”.


The show is a traditional live radio broadcast. “A Prairie Home Companion” has aired continuously since its launch, and there are currently no intentions to discontinue it, as it is a worldwide phenomenon.

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As well as being a radio host, Garrison Keillor has written for a variety of media. An investigation into Garrison Keillor’s alleged inappropriate workplace behavior resulted in his dismissal from Minnesota Public Radio on November 29th, 2017.

Garrison Keillor’s Net Worth

To an English and Scottish mother and father, Gary Edward Keillor was born on August 7, 1942 in Anoka, MN. One of the best-known radio personalities, he hosts “A Prairie Home Companion” on Minnesota Public Radio. His best-selling book “Lake Wobegon Days” is also one of his most well-known works as a novelist. In 1969, he began his professional career.

It’s been claimed that Garrison has a fortune in excess of $5 million, thanks to his success in the entertainment industry as both a radio host and an author. In addition, Garrison has been running a bookstore since 2006, which has helped him amass more wealth.

Net Worth: $5 Million
Date of Birth: Aug 7, 1942 (79 years old)
Gender: Male
Height: 6 ft 3 in (1.93 m)
Profession: Writer, Radio personality, Actor, Screenwriter, Author, Television producer, Film Producer, Comedian
Nationality: United States of America

Garrison Keillor’s Personal Life

Jenny Lind Nilsson, Ulla Skaerved, and Mary Guntzel were all wives of Garrison Keillor according to our records. Garrison Keillor is single as of December 2021.

Mary Guntzel

For the first three marriages, he wed Mary Guntzel, Ulla Skaerved and Jenny Lind Nilsson.

A look at some of the lesser-known facts about Garrison Keillor

Category Keillor, Garrison Public relations in the United States of America. The recipient of the CPB’s Edward R. Murrow Award It’s the Minnesota Public Radio Folks. Radio Stations in Minnesota. Monologues. Man from St. Paul, MN: Actor The host of a popular U.S. public radio show. A weekly American opinion column. Minneapolitan-born and bred actor Writers from the city of St. Paul.

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Those who work at New Yorker. a person who has been awarded the National Medal of Arts Members of the American Academy of Arts and Letters. Artists signed to Virgin Records. Comedians from the United States. Radio for men in the United States. Residents of New York City. Democratic Party of Minnesota

Garrison Keillor’s Association

Robert Altman’s 2006 film adaptation of A Prairie Home Companion has a screenplay written by him.

Work done through the medium of voiceover

As a voice actor, Keillor is frequently called upon because of his unusual North-Central dialect. There are a few significant appearances, such as:

“The Power of Dreams” campaign voiceover artist for Honda UK .’s An advertisement that stands out is the 2003 Honda Accord commercial Cog, which displays a Heath Robinson contraption (or a Rube Goldberg Machine) created entirely out of vehicle parts. Keillor says at the end, “Isn’t it wonderful when things just work?” Since then, Keillor has provided the tagline for most or all UK Honda advertising, and even sang the voiceover for the 2004 Honda Diesel commercial Grrr. Digitally added England flags were included in his most recent commercial to coincide with the World Cup. “Come on, England, keep the dream alive” was Keillor’s catchphrase.

garrison keillor

Odin’s voice in a Hercules episode of the Disney animated series

The voice of Walt Whitman and other historical characters in Ken Burns’s documentary series The Civil War and Baseball.

The National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium’s “River of Dreams” Documentary’s narrator

Songs of the Cat, a compilation of original and parody songs about cats, was released by Keillor in 1991.

Recognition and awards

In 1980, “A Prairie Home Companion” was honored with a Peabody Award.

It was in 1990 when Keillor received the American Academy of Arts and Letters Medal for Spoken Language.

National Radio Hall of Fame inducted Keillor in 1994.

The National Endowment for the Humanities honored him with the National Humanities Medal in 1999.

“Welcome to Minnesota” signs at highway rest sites at the state’s borders include comments such as “Like its neighbors, the thirty-second state grew as a collection of tiny farm villages, many inhabited by immigrants from Scandinavia and Germany.

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For example, Sinclair Lewis and Garrison Keillor’s fictional tiny towns, Gopher Prairie and Lake Wobegon are a part of that legacy.”

garrison keillor awards

During the annual Moth Ball in New York City in 2007, The Moth gave Garrison Keillor the first The Moth Award – Honoring the Art of The Raconteur, given by the non-profit storytelling group based in New York City, The Moth, Inc.

Awarded to artists that embody “the spirit of Steinbeck’s empathy, commitment to democratic values, and trust in the dignity of the common man,” the 2007 John Steinbeck Award was presented to Garrison Keillor in September of 2007.

For Lake Wobegon Days, Keillor won a Grammy Award in 1988.

Fitzgerald’s Award for Achievement in American Literature, given in 2016, was given to him that year.

He has also won two CableACE Awards and a Peabody Award.

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