Jared Carrabis Net Worth: Income of This Famous Podcast Host This Year!

For his work at Barstool Sports, Jared Carrabis is a well-known American baseball writer, author, and podcast host. It is currently estimated that Jared Carrabis’ net worth is $4 million.

Early Life

Ellyn and Patrick Carrabis had a son named Carrabis. For his first two years of college, he attended North Shore Community College and then Endicott College, where he graduated in 2014 with a degree in business administration and management. Endicott faculty members nominated him to speak at the university’s graduation ceremony.

Professional Career

In order to write for Red Sox Nation, Carrabis continued his education, but he didn’t care about it. As soon as he graduated high school, his parents pushed for him to enroll in classes at North Shore Community College. 80 associate degree and certificate programs are offered by the public college, which is located in Massachusetts. The following year, he graduated from Endicott College in Beverly, Massachusetts, a private college, with a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

jared carrabis net worth

When he published his first book, titled “One Fan’s Story; If This Hat Could Talk,” he had it edited by one of his teachers at the time. He soon became a regular feature on local sports shows thanks to his accurate analysis of the Red Sox. Saugus Rocket earned the nickname and was hired by Barstool Sports to write about baseball, with a primary focus on the Red Sox, in part-time capacities for the first two years.

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What does Dale Brisby do for his living?

Clint is a YouTuber, a bull rider, and a businessman. As far back as the month of April of last year, he posted his first ever YouTube clip. He also joined Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok, and Instagram, among other social media platforms. This guy has a massive following on these social media sites.

Radiator Ranch Cattle Company employs Hopping as a ranger manager. Since 2004, he has been the ranch manager in Winnebago, Texas. As a professional bull rider, Hopping has also worked as a stuntman.

The early 1990s saw him begin bull riding before going on to establish his own company. His Netflix series, How to Be a Cowboy, also has him as a star. In this docuseries, cowboys and country life are examined. His videos on country music and everyday life helped to preserve the genre’s rich history.

Besides that, he owns a clothing line called DALEWEAR. You can purchase clothing and other accessories from his online shop.

What is the relationship status of Dale Brisby’s wife?

To date, Clint Hopping has kept his love life private. This has resulted in a lack of attention to the subject matter. Although he is married, he is still a bachelor.

For the past two years, Macy Hopping has been Clint Hopping’s wife. Macy is not a fan of being in the spotlight, unlike her husband. They may have met while both attending Texas A&M University.


In addition to his good looks, Jared Carrabis has a great personality. He has a well-toned physique and is a towering 5’10” in height. His black hair and brown eyes are also notable features of his physical appearance. According to his biceps and chest measurements, he is currently unavailable.

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How much is the amount Jarred Carrabis earns?

Salary and contract details are closely guarded by Jarred Carrabis. Kirk Minihane, according to barrettsportsmedia.com, jokingly revealed the status of his contract.

jared carrabis net worth

Minihane made the following declaration: “Right now, I’m ready to make the offer. Thirty-five thousand dollars a year for three years.” Both DraftKings and Barstool Sports are expected to pay the podcast host more money.

In addition, Barstool co-founder Dave Portnoy expressed his joy for him, saying, “It was my opinion that he should take advantage of this opportunity. But he’ll be missed. However, this is the basis of our design. Create stars from the ground up and then replace them if they land mega contracts.”

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