Liz Cheney Net Worth: How Much Has This Person Made This Year?

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Liz Cheney is a lawyer and politician from the United States with a long history of political participation. Ms. Cheney was raised in a politically active family. Dick Cheney, her father, was a former vice president of the United States and a member of the United States House of Representatives for Wyoming. Liz has a net worth of $7 million, according to reports, but how did she get there? We were interested in how she came to be so wealthy, so we dug into her personal and professional history for a few hints.

Early Life

In 2021, she will be 55 years old, having been born in 1966. Liz Cheney was born in Madison, Wisconsin, to former Vice President Dick Cheney and his wife Lynne, who reared her alongside her sister Mary. She graduated from high school and went on to Colorado College to pursue her Bachelor’s degree, according to Exact Net Worth.

She continued her schooling and graduated from the University of Chicago Law School with a doctorate. Her education had educated her to comprehend the law and how it applied to political and other situations. Her upbringing in a politically active family prepared her for her future political career.

Liz has a net worth of $7 million

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Her professional background

After graduating from college, Liz didn’t immediately enter politics. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, she worked for the State Department for five years before moving on to the US Agency for International Development. She resigned from her job to join Armitage Associates as a consultant. She served as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs and other positions during President Bush’s presidency. Until she decided to run for the Senate in Wyoming, she worked as a legal counselor.

liz cheney net worth

She ran for the Republican nomination in 2014, but after a tumultuous year, she withdrew her bid. In 2015, she ran for and won a seat in the United States House of Representatives from Wyoming. In November of 2018, she was re-elected to the position, which she will hold until 2020. She rose to the position of chairwoman of the House Republican Conference but was forced to resign after criticizing President Donald Trump.


Liz’s complaints with the Trump administration are still being debated, according to The List. She voted for impeachment, which angered some Republican members. She will continue to lobby against Trump and will do everything she can to prevent him from being re-elected to the presidency of the United States. She intends to run for re-election in 2022.

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She is presently a member of the United States House of Representatives, where she votes. Her popularity has plummeted since she publicly expressed her dislike for the popular republican, therefore re-election is unlikely. She’s been dubbed a “RINO” (Republican in Name Only) several times.

Liz Cheney’s riches came in a variety of ways

Liz Cheney’s professional career started in 2002, according to Wiki. She has a lot of connections and has a lot of education. Her salary as an attorney and in several federal government posts was roughly $150,000 per year. Throughout her career, she has held a number of high-level jobs. For the better part of her adult life, she has worked nonstop. She is married to Phillip Perry, an attorney who works in the same firm as Liz. They can make a lot of money if they work together.

Philip worked for a number of government organizations as well. He worked for the Justice Department and the Office of Management and Budget as an associate general. He also worked at Latham & Watkins, a law firm in Washington, where he was a partner. Perry worked as an attorney for a while and had a great career. The couple has five children together and has been married since 1993. Her father, Dick Cheney, is said to be wealthy hundreds of millions of dollars.

She came from a well-connected, wealthy family. Liz was able to complete her studies and enter her field without incurring the debt that many young professionals do after graduation. Because of the family name, also helped her obtain credibility when she applied for high-level jobs. Liz has worked hard to earn her place and establish her trustworthiness, despite his advantages.

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The final conclusion

It’s safe to think Liz Cheney and her husband Philip Perry toiled for their current wealth. Both were senior attorneys in high-ranking government posts. Liz’s estimated net worth of $7 million is still unknown, but we think it’s the result of a few wise investments made by her and her husband throughout the course of their marriage.

liz cheney net worth

Liz most certainly earned more like a private consultant than as a lawmaker. She and her husband are both accomplished lawyers who have collaborated to build their fortunes. There are no other side occupations or obvious investments that we’ve discovered, however, they’re both likely to have made some investments to supplement their income.

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