Peekaboo Ice Cream Net Worth: The Real Flex of Jessica Weiss Levison Income


Jessica Weiss Levison launched Peekaboo Organics in January 2019 with a collection of gourmet ice creams that have a secret ingredient: concealed vegetables. Each $10-$15 14oz container features a typical flavor paired with one vegetable; for example, the strawberry flavor adds carrots, while the chocolate ice cream includes an extra serving of cauliflower.

A woman wanted to make sure her three children got the correct quantity of nutrients without creating too much noise, so she created this device.

Peekaboo Ice Cream Net Worth

As of 2022, the corporation is expected to have a net worth of $3 million. It is hoped that it will inspire people, particularly youngsters, to eat more healthily.

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How Did Peekaboo Ice Cream Get Started?

Peekaboo Ice Cream inventor Jessica Weiss Levison is a mother of three children. She got the concept for the company while trying to ensure that her children were getting enough nutrition. She was looking for a method to accomplish all of this without making a big deal out of it. Jessica recognized that all youngsters enjoy ice cream and spotted an excellent business potential.

It’s rare to come across a recipe that blends cauliflower with chocolate. For sumptuous, chocolatey satisfaction, we can utilize organic Peruvian cocoa and calcium-rich cauliflower in our recipe. If you ask me, nothing beats a birthday cake batter sprinkled with purple icing. This ice cream, which contains minerals from zucchini, is the first unicorn-worthy ice cream I’ve ever had.

peekaboo ice cream net worth

Even the Cookie Monster would be surprised by the zucchini in this dish. This is due in major part to the fact that the recipe calls for homemade chocolate chip cookie dough, which is really tasty. Tomatoes are fruit, not vegetables. Your children, on the other hand, will just receive an extra vegetable serving. This is the dessert for you if you want something high in fiber and antioxidants.

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We added a cup of pumpkin squash to make our mango sorbet even more wonderful. Despite the fact that the carrot is really a fruit, it adds nutritious value to our creamy (and non-dairy) meal. Our collaboration with Peekaboo Ice Cream began with the premise that the company’s branding would need to be tweaked in order to appeal to its target market on shop shelves. This was obvious from the beginning. The brand’s youthful, bright personality stood out against the traditional logo and container design.

The proprietor of Peekaboo Ice Cream requested that we utilize hand-drawn lettering rather than a more standard typeface to avoid deviating too far from the original logo aesthetic. Because of their likeness to the eyes, the two O’s at the end of Peekaboo were utilized to connect the images on the Peekaboo Ice Cream carton. The characters were also given a new design, complete with wicked smiles and a flat vector style.

What is the current state of the business?

The Peekaboo Ice Cream company may not have received any funding from the Shark Tank show, but they managed to make it on their own. Peekaboo Ice Cream will be awarded $200,000 in the Real California Milk Snackcelerator competition in November 2020.

When it first started, this company had more than five unique varieties in its lineup, and they’ve since expanded to include vegan ice cream tastes as well. The product is sold in over 3000 stores, including Whole Foods, Kroger, Bristol Farms, Safeway, and many others. You can also purchase the items directly from Amazon’s online shop and have them delivered to your doorstep.

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Snackcelerator Competition for Milk

The Real California Milk Snackcelerator competition aims to promote innovation and investment in dairy-based snacks in California by bringing together manufacturers, producers, investors, ideas, and entrepreneurs. A record-breaking 76 applications were received, resulting in an increase in the number of semi-finalists from eight to sixteen, who will participate in the Sweet & Savory 16 virtual semi-finals starting November 9th.

“Finalists produced things that suited our existing consumer’s needs, and each had their own unique perspective on snacking, which made the decision difficult.” Peekaboo had an advantage with its odd concept of marrying two things that don’t normally go together, such as ice cream and vegetables, and then accurately executing the product,” CMAB CEO John Talbot said.

“Not only are we thrilled to help broaden the distribution of Peekaboo ice creams, but we also look forward to extending our cooperation with all of our finalists and semi-finalists to see what they can achieve,” the Real California Milk firm said.

peekaboo ice cream net worth

“Innovation is the ultimate growth booster for any brand or industry,” VentureFuel CEO Fred Schonenberg stated. “From a customer standpoint, this competition continues to produce a flywheel of new ideas, new products, and new ways to think about dairy,” Schonenberg concluded. “By the time the semi-finals and finals came around, my family was begging me for more samples, so I knew we’d found four champions who could make an impact on the shelf.”

Peekaboo’s cotton candy with beets flavor won pre-judge excitement, while Cheese-Bits remained the product of choice behind the scenes for everyone. They’re making premium cheese more approachable for snacking in innovative ways.”

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