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Plop Star, a portable stink-blocking tablet, has been acclaimed as the world’s most unobtrusive deodorizer. In the Plop Star pills, citrus-scented essential oils form an odor-blocking barrier. It’s not necessary to do anything other than dropping a single Plop Star tablet into the plate.

Plop Star conceals the odor while also providing a zesty scent to act as a buffer between the essential oils it inhibits. Plop Star can be used to assist you in rocking the bowl at any time and in any location. Plop Star was intended to assist folks who are afraid of using public restrooms. Plop Star is a great way to keep things clean. Each of the 30 tablets has a diameter of around two inches and is individually packaged for your convenience.

Plop Star’s Salary and Earnings

Plop Star had a net worth of $1,5 million at the time of his participation on Shark Tank. Plop Star was left without a contract in Shark Tank. Tyler Jay was described by investors as careful, courteous, and quiet, but they believed he did not test the market. Rohan Oza, a guest investor, was open to a transaction. He was, however, dealing with what appeared to be a lack of a game plan. He also walked away from Plop Star without an agreement.

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The Founders of Plop Star

Tyler Jay founded Plop Star in 2018. He earned a Media Arts degree from Arizona University. Tyler Jay spent a few years working for an advertising agency. Jay established Tandem Inc., a creative production studio, in 2014. Tyler Jay, like many others, avoided using public and non-home restrooms because he was terrified of leaving a stench behind. That’s why Tayler Jay went to great lengths to discover a product that fulfilled his requirements before opting to make his own.

plop star net worth 2022

After a three-year development period, Plop Star was released in 2018. As a starting point, Tyler Jay sought to make a liquid deodorant spray. Jay has his own R&D division. Despite this, after a year of beta testing, they were still dissatisfied. Tyler Jay was later inspired by bath bombs.

Tyler Jay and his colleagues came up with the brilliant concept of making a tablet-sized deodorizer for use in portable restrooms. After a year of research, testing, formulating, and adjusting, a product could be offered to the market.

Recap of the Plop Star Shark Tank

Tyler offers $150,000 for a 10% stake in the company. He rides into the room on a toilet, which elicits a chuckle. The inquiries begin after he has explained his product and given out samples. Poo Pourri is his major competitor, and he intends to take them on.

The Sharks, on the other hand, aren’t seeing things Tyler’s way. The reasonably well-known competitor is causing alarm. The Sharks don’t like Tyler’s lack of strategy. Finally, they decide that there is too much labor required to see a comeback, and all of the Sharks are released.

Update on Plop Star Shark Tank

The Shark Tank Blog is updated on a regular basis with information about entrepreneurs who have been featured on the Shark Tank TV show. As of July 2020, Plop Star is still in business. The products are available on Amazon.

The Facebook page has been silent for about a year as of July 2021. The product is “Currently Unavailable” on Amazon, and the company’s website is “sold out.” The company released a spray in December 2021, which is accessible on the website and on Amazon. The original items are still on backorder. The expected annual revenue is $1.3 million.

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Is Plop Star Tablet a Good Investment?

Despite conflicting public opinion, Plop Star has clients who enjoy the scented toilet tablets. Plop Star tablets are only efficient in targeting odors caused by solids, according to poop-smell science. They have a limited effect on odors that have already entered the air. Plop Star has only sold $12,000 in items in the days leading up to the exhibition.

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