Snacklins Net Worth: A Real-Time Update on Richer Life!

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In the back kitchen of a barbeque eatery in Washington, D.C., SNACKLINS was abruptly birthed in 2015. Two years after obtaining a $250,000 investment from the show’s millionaire investor, Mark Cuban, Snacklin recently returned to Shark Tank to give an update.

About Samy Kobrosly

FM DJ Samy Kobrosly is an entertainer, a radio personality turned food entrepreneur, and a crowd charmer, thus Snacklins is no surprise. He worked in bars and restaurants before launching Snacklins and hosted radio shows.

Snacklins began as a prank between Kobrosly and a chef friend, who thought making vegan pig cracklins would be hilarious. But hold on a second…that seems like a brilliant idea! Why not make a healthier vegan version of pork crackling?

snacklins net worth

Months later, the duo had mastered the delectable, healthful junk food substitute. In his basement, Kobrosly started out with a single home fryer. The performance was relocated to a friend’s bar. Finally, he was able to construct his own facility with the support of the food business accelerator Union Kitchen, allowing him to increase output while maintaining strict control over the process.

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Snacklins Net Worth

The company’s estimated net worth has increased to over $15 million as a result of its appearance on the show.

Name: Snacklins
Net Worth (2022):$15 Million (Estimated)
Pitch:Flavorsome vegan “pork rind” snacks with decreased calorie count
Entrepreneur:Samy Kobrosly
Asked for:$250,000 for 2.5%
Deal:$250,000 for 5% and 5% advisory shares
Shark:Mark Cuban

What are snacklins made of?

SNACKLINS are produced with real, fresh vegetables at our “Snacktory.”

YUCA is a gluten-free, South American root vegetable. Potassium, choline, and vitamin C are all abundant, making it a healthier alternative to potatoes.

MUSHROOMS come from Pennsylvania, which is known as the world’s mushroom capital. They’re minimal in calories, almost fat-free, cholesterol-free, and sodium-free.

ONIONS are low in calories, high in antioxidants, and boost each crisp’s flavor.

The latest episode of “Shark Tank”

When Samy Kobrosly, co-founder of Snacklins, first appeared on the reality show, the company was averaging $5,000 a week in online sales and production was barely keeping up with demand. “More sales than we’d ever had before,” he remarked on Friday’s episode after the company’s plant-based crisps made their national television debut.

Snacklins has subsequently extended its Rockville location, which is relocated in 2019 after outgrowing culinary incubator Union Kitchen in the District. The snack company has also virtually tripled its workforce, from 10 to around 27 employees, and expanded into 2,500 stores nationwide, including Giant Food, Whole Foods Market, Stop & Shop, MOM’s Organic Market, and others. Snacklins has made more than $5.3 million in sales in the last two years, according to Kobrosly.

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In the United States, the snack and bakery business is worth $65 billion a year. It is, however, fiercely competitive and dominated by corporate behemoths like as Nestle, PepsiCo (Frito Lay), Kraft Heinz, Mondelez, and General Mills, which invest heavily in advertising and branding. Against this context, Snacklins, a modest start-up based in Rockville, Maryland, has developed a unique product positioning that has helped it to nearly treble its sales in 2020 and get the support of renowned chef Rachael Ray.

snacklins net worth

Rather than celebrating its success, the company is using what it has learned from monitoring its consumers and environmental changes to rebrand. Some businesses struggle to see the need for change in the face of success, but Snacklins’ strategy exemplifies how foresight and smart brand management can push long-term success.

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