Tim Malcolm Net Worth 2022: Income of This Famous Celebrity This Year!


As seen on American TLC classic 90 Day Fiance, where Tim Malcolm appeared with his soon-to-be wife Jennifer Tarazona, Tim Malcolm’s net worth is obvious to see, and fans are eager to learn more.

This episode of Reality Titbit looks at Tim’s projected net worth and the path he took to success as a businessman in an unusual field.

Early Life and Professional development

North Carolina native Tim Malcolm was born in the city of Charlotte. Throughout the 2000s, he was a successful entrepreneur in Charlotte, North Carolina, owning a number of local businesses. For the past few years, Tim has run Gringo Custom Guns out of Charlotte, NC. This interest in the film industry was piqued in Tim by his father taking him to work as an extra on Whoopi Goldberg and Michael Douglas’s flop basketball movies Eddie and Black Rain in the 1990s. In the end, he decided to stay in Charlotte since he was afraid of traveling to Los Angeles or New York to become a broke and unsuccessful actor and decided to open a tanning clinic with his brother.

tim malcolm net worth 2022

Tim was driving by a gas station a few years later when he noticed Gwyneth Paltrow filming Shallow Hall at the location. As a result of its accessibility to both the coast and the mountains, North Carolina was beginning to emerge as a sought-after filming location. In the wake of this, he decided to pursue a career in the film industry.

Tim has become a household name thanks to his numerous appearances on reality shows of the genre, including several of TLC’s highest-rated series, such as 90 Day Fiance. During the third season of 90 Day Fiance, Tim made his debut appearance as himself, attempting to find love with a Latina woman he’d met online.

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Discovering Tim’s Net Worth

As a successful entrepreneur and business owner, ZGR.net estimates Tim’s net worth to be between $1 million and $5 million at the age of 30.

tim malcolm net worth 2022

You might imagine him to run some sort of high-end fashion or sportswear firm, but that’s not what he’s actually doing with all of that money. It is estimated to Tim’s net worth by $3 million in 2022.


In light of Tim’s metrosexual attitude and his lack of attempts to become intimate with a beautiful girl, internet allegations surfaced that he was born female and had transitioned to male. Tim became a breakout reality TV celebrity in 2019 because of the controversy around him. In the wake of his stint on Before the 90 Days, Tim went on 90 Day Fiance Pillow Talk, where he and other former 90 Day Universe cast members gave their thoughts on the current couples TLC is following.

A custom-gun weapon is Tim’s livelihood

With Gringo Guns, Tim has established himself as an expert in handguns that are both unique and functional. Charlotte, North Carolina, is where he is based for his company.

“pieces of art” are what Tim defines his weapons as, and the company’s Instagram feed shows the handguns’ carving and metallurgy.

Rather than being used as a tool of violence, Tim’s “beautiful” guns are works of art to be appreciated. In order to justify his high prices, Tim must be exceptionally skilled in his field.

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What is the status of Tim and Jennifer’s marriage?

On their first day of 90 Day Fiance, Tim proposed to Jennifer Tarazona, a Colombian beauty, who accepted his proposal. But when she discovered that he had used the identical ring on his ex, Veronica, Jennifer was not pleased.

tim malcolm net worth 2022

There were times when Veronica would constantly contact Tim while he was with Jeniffer and inquire as to whether he had enough food and what was going on with him. Jennifer freaked out, and Veronica has been the primary source of conflict between the two.

It’s difficult to tell if they’re still together because Tim’s Instagram is private and Jennifer doesn’t have one.

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