Cheat Season 1 Review – It Pays to Cheat

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Cheat Season 1 of the Netflix reality competition series, which features no winners or eliminations, is reviewed here.

The humorous game show Cheat, often known as “Ch at,” has recently been introduced to Netflix’s streaming service, which has witnessed a minor increase in gaming series. The first ever UK quiz show on Netflix. Would this compete with the UK’s popular quiz shows on the BBC and ITV?

Cheat Season 1 Review and Premise

Cheat, TV review - fear and loathing in academia

This show, which is hosted by former EastEnders actors Danny Dyer and Ellie Taylor of Sewing Bee and Strictly Come Dancing 2022 fame, encourages cheating and violates all game regulations. Why? to win 50,000 or more. In the current cost-of-living crisis, that is a respectable reward pool for UK currency, and you better believe I will lie and cheat for that prize pool. How can I apply?

They increase the pot by providing answers, and we see competitors taking home prizes of $27,000, $42,000, and more.

With 12 episodes and an average duration of 42 minutes, Cheat will be made available on Netflix in three sets of four.

This game show is a competition to see who can tell and keep a lie up the longest. Each episode begins with four participants, whose expertise is put to the test as they bluff their way through three rounds and attempt to stay alive. In order to succeed, they must lie, cheat, and—most importantly—avoid being discovered. If they don’t know the answer, they can use the cheat button on the screen in front of them.

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They must maintain a stiff upper lip since at any time, their opponents may pursue the issue and claim that they are cheating. They forfeit money from the pot if they answer a question incorrectly. In such case, cheat! The cheat hunter, or the individual who exposed the most lies, advances to the following round at the end of the round. For the final rounds, though, the hunter might turn into the prey, and the final two compete for the money. It has a solid structure and is simple to follow.

Danny Dyer is a pleasant host, yet his thick accent and snobbish demeanour give the impression that he would cheat. Ellie comes across as more vulnerable and sincere, yet they work well together on film and have terrific chemistry. Mutual respect and enjoyment are present, and nothing seems forced. It’s obvious they’re laughing. The humour is enhanced by some crude cursing and sexual allusions.

To be a contestant on this show, you must have a cheerful demeanour and be a cheeky yet determined character. You must provide justification when you buzz someone and accuse them. I was surprised to find that I laughed a lot while watching this series since the justifications for the allegations can be entertaining. You’ll be shocked at who you can trust and who you shouldn’t because the contestants are largely likeable. In the first episode, the victor prevails by deceiving 83% of the time. I did like hearing that they would quit their jobs and go to Las Vegas if they won. I probably would follow suit.

Is Cheat on Netflix Good?

The circular arrangement and colourful set design combine to create a close-knit environment that heightens the intensity while focusing on whether someone has cheated.

Yes. This game show is entertaining as far as they go. The questions aren’t difficult, and it’s fun to consider ways to cheat in order to win a prize. It seems to be a combination of game shows. Bullsh*t and the Weakest Link. Will it change the game? Actually, no. Although there are better programmes to test your knowledge, this is a watchable alternative to the typical honest style.


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