Class: 5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Miss Netflix’s Newest Show, “Privilege”

Is Hampton International, the institution featured in the Indian thriller Class on Netflix, a real institution? We provide a response to that query and outline the purpose of the Class.

A new show called Class follows a group of adolescents who are struggling to get through an affluent family’s private school. It is an adaptation of the well-known Spanish programme Elite, which is targeted at an Indian audience and culture but has a very similar principle.

The Times of India called it a “bold and compelling murder mystery,” and it was “just as binge-worthy” as its predecessor in their reviews of the first season. But viewers want to know whether Hampton International, the school the kids go to, is a real school or a made-up institution.

What is the Indian Netflix series Class about?

Three students, Dheeraj, Saba, and Balli, who are from a poor neighbourhood and receive scholarships to attend an exclusive high school for the Delhi elite, are followed in Class, an Indian adaptation of the thriller Elite. There, they are treated with strong hostility by the existing richer students and even the staff.

Netflix Series Class

However, this show is more than just a story about a fish out of water; it also has a sinister undercurrent. One of the students is murdered as a result of secrets and rumours, and the remaining episodes of the season are devoted to identifying the murderer. The murder pushes everyone against one another in the show, which also emphasises what occurs outside of school.

It has a similar premise to the 2018 Spanish television series Elite, in which children from lower socioeconomic backgrounds enrol in private schools and are treated with contempt. But the caste system and religious aspects are heavily emphasised in India.

Netflix Series Class

Additionally, the programme has more drug use, sex, and inappropriate social media use than Elite. In an interview with Deadline, one of the filmmakers, Ashim Ahluwalia, said: “Europe has to deal with all these laws and regulations, but in India, you’re in a society where you can buy your way out of anything if you have money.”

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Is Hampton International a Real School in Delhi?

In the Netflix Indian series Class, Hampton International is the name of the school that all of the kids attend. The institution is supposed to be in Delhi. The school itself is fake because it was created just for the show and isn’t real.

There is a Hampton International in Pak Kret, Thailand, although it is a family-run daycare centre rather than a posh high school. Ahluwalia said, “The reason I chose to put it in Delhi is that the difference between the haves and the have-nots is just so vast and quite distinct from Mumbai in that it’s geographically separated.” Ahluwalia made this statement in the same interview with Deadline.

In Mumbai, everyone kind of gets along with each other, he continued. I attended a fine school, but it was nothing compared to some of the affluent Delhi institutions where students arrive for class accompanied by bodyguards.

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