Copycat Killer Season 1 Review – A High-Quality but Longwinded Whodunit


Even though Copycat Killer is somewhat of a ripoff of other crime fiction TV giants, it is nonetheless a top-notch and compelling whodunit.

Although it should go without saying, the purpose of a whodunit is to keep the audience wondering. The Taiwanese Netflix series Copycat Killerac succeeds in that endeavor alone and then some.

Copycat Killer Season 1 Review and Plot Summary

Copycat Killer' Netflix Series Review - Kills Its Own Potential | Midgard  Times

Nothing particularly shocking has happened here. In Taipei in the year 1997, a serial killer and a prosecutor engaged in a cat-and-mouse game. Everything is skillfully managed by the murderer to create a show, inflame the people, and confuse the police. Everywhere is a stage.

Copycat Killerwas created by Greener Grass Production and is based on a novel by well-known Japanese author Miyuki Miyabe.

In a strange way, the slow-burning debauchery is similar to Mindhunter, a grounded horror film that celebrates the latent depravity of people. Not only is murder involved, but also the enjoyment of it, as well as its use to instill terror, torment victims and their loved ones, and establish a point. A callous disdain for human life is present.

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Naturally, these elements are the foundation of good genre fiction, but Copycat Killer has a long-form complexity that comes through in the way it develops its characters over the course of ten hours.

Obviously, that was far too long. Although it produces more emotional rewards, it is not advised to submit oneself to this kind of stuff for ten hours straight. This isn’t the kind of thing you should binge watch.

Is Copycat Killer Good or Bad?

Even if you’re uncomfortable, keep reading because Copycat Killer tends to raise uncomfortable issues about our institutions, including the media, law, and order, and to shake the foundations of polite society. That gives the play a little more substance than it would have if it were just a plain mystery.

Also, although being stretched thin and occasionally difficult, the mystery remains intriguing. Even in the late game, when many of the plot beats of the show can be predicted simply by being familiar with the genre, there are still surprises in store thanks to the outstanding performances, the complex, well-written characters, and the characters themselves.

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Is Copycat Killer Worth Watching?

Yet that doesn’t mean that situations don’t occasionally become amusingly absurd. One could argue that some of the twists and turns’ ludicrous theatricality will lessen the severity for some viewers, but for many, it will all be part of the dismal entertainment. This is definitely worth getting your teeth into if you enjoy crime fiction.

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