Crash Course in Romance Season 1 Episode 12 Recap

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This article contains spoilers for the Netflix K-Drama Crash Course in Romance Season 1 Episode 12 titled “Point of Crossover between Humor and Tragedy.”

Things have changed dramatically in advance of Crash Course in Romance’s last four episodes. For starters, Dong-hui might be the main antagonist of the entire drama, causing harm to Chi-enemies yeol’s (Jung Kyung-ho) as a result of his odd obsession with the star tutor. Moreover, it appears that exam paper leaks are a historical recurrence this time including Hae-einvolved. Now that the situation is at its peak, hopefully the next several weeks will be pleasurable.

Crash Course in Romance Season 1 Episode 12 Recap

Crash Course in Romance Episode 12 Recap and Review: Choi Chi-yeol Gets  Backstabbed | Leisurebyte

Hui-Jae Is Arrested

Su-hui starts fanning the fires as soon as Hui-jae is taken into custody, which enables the All Caremothers to conclude that Seo-jin was lying about her Ivy League son. When his mother steps in to bring out the “illegality” of the police’s conduct, the shut-in is saved from an immediate interrogation as a result. Seo-jin, meantime, is still staring blankly at the news that Hui-jae has been arrested on suspicion of murder.

Haeng-seon leaves for home after seeming distressed by Chi-abrupt yeol’s answer to her repeated requests to talk about Dong-hui. The student tries to contact Sun-jae because he is concerned about how Hae-e is doing now that he has been brought up to speed. Next, we go back to Haeng-troubles seon’s and see how she and Chi-yeol convince each other not to contact each other about their earlier disagreement.

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Dong-Hui Starts Acting Up, While Seo-Jin Gets Increasingly Desperate

The following day, Dong-hui is concerned that Chi-yeol is taking his mind off of his picture session in order to make amends to Haeng-seon. A coworker remembers him as Jeong Seong-hyeon from their middle school days, despite the fact that he will soon have more important things to worry about. Dong-hui manages to escape the situation, though, by stating that his “common face” led to the miscommunication. Hae-e is also still concerned about Sun-absence jae’s from class.

Hui-bipolar jae’s condition and anxiety are documented, but Seo-jin is unable to have her son released from custody. As a result, the attorney is compelled to say that a temporary pin is stuck in the investigation processes since she is aware that before she can continue to defend the shut-in, she must address Sun-absence jae’s from school. “You’re denying being sane and stalling right now. On her way out, Seo-jin says to Hui-jae, “I’ll take care of the others.

Su-hui reveals a piece of information to the All Caremothers that adds to the rumours concerning Hui-illness jae’s and his “misdemeanour.” The clique’s leader, however, soon realises that her power is waning as a result of her tardy learning that Chi-yeol has been rehired by The Pride School and Hae-e will be readmitted to the All Care Programme. Seo-jin, who is frantic for Sun-jae to put his midterms ahead of worrying over Hui-jae, tells him to study urgently in another scene.

Geon-hu takes his crush ice skating after encouraging Hae-e to give Sun-jae some space in an effort to impress her and to distract her from her problems. Before the star tutor can read Haeng-text seon’s to Chi-yeol, Dong-hui cunningly deletes it.

Seo-jin is getting ready to ask the education director for a favour as Sun-jae sobs into Hae-shoulder e’s and lets out all of his feelings. Haeng-seon, who is irritable, tells herself she may “simply end it” with Chi-yeol when the two are observing the “mystery” side of Dong-hui, the assistant they are close with but don’t know her address.

Things start off creepy. Dong-hui responds to Chi-suggestion yeol’s that he “smile more” in order to look less frigid in front of Haeng-seon by pointing out how much the star teacher must like his spouse and how he hasn’t been dreaming of the deceased pupil recently.

But fortunately, the academy teacher doesn’t seem to pick up on any of the subtleties of the talk, so he can enjoy a trip to the market with his companion the next day without worrying. As a result, the couple can reconcile by first offering their apologies to one another and then deciding to take a drive close to the sea in Incheon. Strangely, when the mysterious missing text message is brought up, both parties seem to quickly gloss over it.

When driving Haeng-seon and Chi-yeol, Dong-hui puts on a phoney smile to reassure the two that he is not troubled by the former’s accompanying them. In another instance, Su-ac falters on her midterm and spirals into panic when she realises that Hae-e probably did well.

Hui-jae is also prepared to address inquiries about I-sang, but Seo-jin intervenes at a vital moment, keeping her son silent. Detective Songlater remarks on the lawyer, wondering why her attitude is the way it is, “If she thought her son was innocent, she would’ve gotten to the bottom of this to clear his name.”

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Haeng-Seon’s Fall

Sun-jae is once more reminded at home to concentrate on his tests and learns about the information that was set out for him before the reading test the next day. Combining the two, it appears that the education director may have released these inquiries in exchange for a favour from her lawyer friend.

While Haeng-seon and Chi-yeol are being driven around on the latter’s yacht, Dong-hui carries on his good deed. Or at least he does for a little while until he hits his limit and makes sure the owner of the side dish shop doesn’t go without a trip to the hospital by purposely diverting the car off the road, forcing her to tumble.

Dong-hui is asked to leave after expressing guilt for hurting a cook’s hand and apologising for his conduct. The pair assumes that he must be horrified as well. Together, Hae-e and Sun-jae exchange notes, prompting the student to share the books his mother had previously purchased just for him. Jae-woo also calls Yeong-effort ju’s at a confession “gross” and rejects it.

Haeng-seon muses in the car, certain that Dong-hui “turned the handle abruptly on purpose.” The owner of the side dish shop is so preoccupied with the situation that she is unable to hear Chi-yeol beg her to clean the wound and finds it difficult to open up. Haeng-seon describes herself as “overly sensitive” instead.

Their relationship seemed to be progressing as Chi-yeol looks after Haeng-seon at his home, and the two even spend the night together. In order for her to return before anyone wakes up, the celebrity tutor giddily drops off his partner, but that doesn’t quite work when Hae-e walks into her aunt. At the same time, Seo-jin begs Sun-jae to pay attention to her, claiming that she has reached a “dead end.”

Crash Course in Romance Season 1 Episode 12 Ending Explained

Sun-jae and Hae-e appear to discover they had previously studied the test questions during their reading exam, which causes them to become anxious. Hui-jae also appears in court at this time, breaking his silence to say that he is not a suspect but rather a witness to I-death. sang’sCrash Course In Romance Recap, Review, And Ending Explained!

Afterwards, we show metal balls being transported to an apartment that is stuffed with information on Chi-yeol, including an oddly detailed wall of his accomplishments, press coverage, and anything else you can imagine.

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The episode ends with a shot of a man who appears to be Dong-hui holding a metal ball slingshot towards Haeng-seon as a car slowly drives past Nation’s Best Banchan. This seems to indicate that he is the murderer who is currently on the hunt.

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