Crash Course in Romance Season 1 Episode 7 Recap

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This article contains spoilers for the Netflix K-Drama Crash Course in Romance Season 1 Episode 7, “The Very Average Laws of Attraction.”

There was still a good amount for the audience to get their teeth into despite the lack of any discernible plot progression. The investigation into Hui-jae is ongoing, Seo-jin (Jang Young-nam) is becoming a more composed mother, Chi-yeol (Jung Kyung-ho) is becoming aware of his love for Haeng-seon (Jeon Do-yeon), and Su-a (Kang Na-eon) is forgoing her health in order to focus on her academics. It will be intriguing to see how everything links together because it could have significant consequences for the persons involved.

Crash Course in Romance Season 1 Episode 7 Recap

Crash Course in Romance Episode 7 Recap and Review: Choi Chi-yeol Falls  Head Over Heels For Nam Haeng-seon | Leisurebyte

We shift to the following day as Chi-yeol is successfully distracted from Su-inquisitive hui’s stare with the aid of Haeng-seon, allowing him to finish his private tuition without tension. Su-a is upset that Hae-e was able to graduate first in their class (with a flawless math grade, no less), and Sun-jae is discouraged by the advice given to him to make use of his gifted genes.

Sun-jae becomes envious once more at the presence of Geon-hu as an exuberant Haeng-seon enthusiastically shares Hae-academic e’s news with a similarly pleased Chi-yeol, who is also congratulated for his labour. In addition, Su-a is hospitalised after becoming ill as a result of her disappointment with the results of her mock exams, leaving Su-hui unsure of how to handle her daughter.

Su-hui then informs Seo-jin of the alleged sharing of All Carematerials and cautions the attorney about the potential consequences for Sun-jae of a closer relationship with Hae-e. In order to seek clarification, Seo-jin becomes irate and phones her son. However, when she does, she receives a warning that if she takes the issue to Haeng-seon, she will lose contact with her intelligent son. Detective Jung-soo begins to piece together that Hui-jae might have been involved in Young-killing min’s in another place.

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Chi-Yeol Catching Feelings?

With the relationship between Chi-yeol and Hae-family e’s already formed (Jae-woo has a special affection for the academy teacher), the star tutor grudgingly decides to attend the celebration of the young student’s recent academic accomplishment. However, the teacher gets involved in all the sports the group plays, including handball and foot volleyball, so any early hesitation quickly develops into full engagement. Chi-yeol learns something about himself in this situation as well, though—he may be holding affections for Haeng-seon.

After failing to suppress his growing affections for Haeng-seon, Chi-yeol then seeks counselling, asking why he has “acquired such unexplainable sentiments for a married woman.” The instructor is advised in return that there is nothing wrong with his feelings, but he might possibly “break out” of his routine to meet new ladies, given that he might just be “hungry for affection” due to his typical lack of emotional dependence on other people.

Yeong-junotices Haeng-seon may be suffering from “mention syndrome” in relation to the star tutor while Chi-yeol seeks to arrange a date with a friend of his coworker in the hopes that it will restore his “autonomic nervous system to normal.” Jung-soo then walks into the store in search of information regarding the recent “metal ball attack” that was reported there. Seo-jin may be seen anxiously listening in on the detective’s subsequent call to his superior regarding his investigations. After that, the lawyer swallows her ego and refrains from questioning Haeng-seon over her niece’s friendship with Sun-jae.

Detective Song urges Jung-soo to look for leads in the metal ball case despite receiving criticism from his captain, just “more discretely.” At the same time as Sun-jae pushes Geon-hu during a basketball game out of envy, Su-a finds it difficult to concentrate on her studies. As a result, she becomes frantic and cries out to her mother, hardly taking her advise to “cool down” on board.

Chi-date yeol’s goes remarkably well as Su-hui tries to spread the rumour of Hae-e “stealing” All Carematerials to her friendship group. They don’t exactly take the bait, but they do wonder on the student’s newfound success. In fact, the tutor not only finds himself giggling at Hye-jokes yeon’s but also offers that they meet up again, this time over a glass of wine. Chi-yeol prepares to portray his attraction to Haeng-seon as a miscommunication as a result.

But that evening, Chi-yeol starts to understand that he does, in fact, find Haeng-seon beautiful. As a result, he starts to become excited about the prospect of going to the doctor the next day with the owner of the side dish restaurant. Although his “casual” clothing choice does draw attention, especially from the inquiring Dong-hui. Seo-jin is requested to assist with a case involving the child of Woorin High’s director of education while this is going on.

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A Doctor’s Appointment

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The private tutor swiftly changes before his trip to the doctors because Yi-sang is looking into Hae-e and wants to know why Chi-yeol is teaching her. Following her daughter’s lead, Haeng-seon does the same, making the two of them appear significantly overdressed for the situation. Seo-jin also prowls through Hui-chamber, jae’s apparently concerned that he is hiding something and troubled by the sight of the metal balls he has.

Chi-yeol has been identified as having carpal tunnel disease, while Seo-jin causes a bodily reaction when she confronts her shady son about what he has been up to. “You’re stressed out and overworked. The doctor notices the celebrity tutor’s persistent problems and says, “You’ve been ignoring your body. Chi-yeol is then instructed to visit for some acupuncture and moxibustion treatments.

Crash Course in Romance Season 1 Episode 7 Ending Explained

Chi-yeol completes his first acupuncture appointment and gets ready to eat with the proprietor of the side dish business at the restaurant her mother formerly managed (Su-Chueotang), jae’s remembering Haeng-name seon’s correctly. The episode finishes with a flashback to when the celebrity tutor used to eat at the same restaurant when he was younger, which in turn triggers a rush of memories for him.

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