Divorce Attorney Shin Season 1 Review – a Varied Legal Drama

We provide a brief spoiler-free review of the first season of the Netflix K-Drama series Divorce Attorney Shin.

Divorces are complex processes. On the one hand, they can provide one (or two) people a route out, a chance to find comfort outside of a bad relationship in which they’ve found themselves. On the other side, it might be an undesirable last alternative, a choice made out of pure tiredness after trying every other possible course of action to make things right. The impact that follows the divide is also not that straightforward. To put it gently, a divorce can give rise to a variety of issues, including custody disputes, property rights, and family conflicts.

Divorce Attorney Shin Season 1 Review and Plot Summary

About this, Divorce Attorney Shindoes a great job of handling its challenging subject matter. The first case, which centres on a fired radio DJ named Lee Seo-jin (Han Hye-jin), successfully strikes a mix between the emotional tension typical of television dramas and a grounded, honest rawness while also offering interesting commentary on responsibility.

Divorce Attorney Shin (Season 1), Episodes 1 & 2 'Netflix' Review

You feel pity for the main character who, despite her failings that were made clear—she did have an affair and neglected her son—was completely suffocated by Hui-seop. A child deserving of a better life than being forced to stay with a manipulative father who is willing to show a young child a sex tape in an effort to get one over on his wife, Hyeon-u, is one of the reasons why audiences are still likely to root for Seo-jin to prevail, to work through her issues, and to be there for Hyeon-u.

Who is portrayed in the movie Divorce Attorney Shin?

This isn’t a drama about separation and everything that goes along with it, of course. Attorney Shin (Cho Seung-woo), as the show’s title implies, is the focus of much of writer Yoo Young’s attention, with his life taking centre stage over all other ongoings. Sung-han, a quirky former piano teacher in Germany, makes for a surprisingly likeable lead who, although having entered the legal profession relatively recently, shows a genuine interest in the cases he takes on. The lawyer also appeals to viewers on an everyday level, since glimpses of him singing and drinking with pals help to dispel the oftentimes strong mystique that surrounds lawyers on television.

The Greatest Korean Dramas Ever

To his credit, Cho Seung-woo completely inhabits the part of Shin Sung-han and makes every effort to set himself apart. The titular character is consistently given a sense of entertaining distinctiveness, which is depicted with remarkable range—from the exaggerated trot singalongs to drinking soju out of upscale wine glasses to the untidy workspace. He is not only a foolish man, but also a highly adept lawyer and, given his refusal to let go of his past as a musician, perhaps a subtly sad person. It will be interesting to see how Sung-past han’s is used in the season’s remaining episodes and how it will give the already likeable lead character more depth.

On that topic, it’s also worthwhile to compliment some of the ancillary characters.

Is the K-Drama Divorce Attorney Shin Good?

Han Hye-jin is excellent as a mother working to move past her controversies to become a better person (and parent); Hwang Jung-ming gives an awe-inspiring performance as Park Ae-ran, a burnt out breadwinner exhausted from her mother-in-unrelenting law’s mistreatment. Kim Sung-kyun and Jung Moon-sung work well in their comedic roles. These people are given solid backdrops as well, and their settings frequently enhance the mood of events.

Overall, “Divorce Attorney Shin” is a promising show. It carefully handles the subject matter, provides effective humorous relief to ease the stress, and gives importance to individuals impacted by love separation.

This 12-episode K-Drama is worth the investment because of its committed protagonist, whose acting ensures the character-driven plot points are successful.

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