Is Sarah and John B Still Together or Did They Break up In Outer Banks Season 3?

In Outer Banks Season 3, do John B and Sarah remain together or part ways? We look at the bond between John B. and Sarah, the main protagonists from Outer Banks. Spoilers are there in this article.

The main relationship on Outer Banks is unquestionably that between Sarah Cameron (Madelyn Cline) and John B. Routledge (Chase Stokes), the two main characters. They serve as the show’s major draw and the spokespersons for its advertising campaigns.

Nevertheless, in season 3, there is a lot of turmoil in their seemingly ideal relationship, which raises the likelihood that our starring couple could split up. If there are any fans out there who haven’t finished watching the third season, they might be wondering whether John B and Sarah end their relationship in Season 3 of Outer Banks.

Do John B and Sarah Stay Together or Break up In Outer Banks Season 3?

Do John B And Sarah Break Up In Season 3?

The conflicted relationship between John B and Sarah in season 3 has a lot of drama. They break up at various points in the performance, but they do, of course, reconcile later on. But in the end, John B and Sarah remain a couple.

They experience a significant breakup, though, that could end their relationship forever. You see, nothing in the world of Outer Banks is easy, and even this ideal couple must deal with their own issues in order to find true happiness.

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Why Did John B and Sarah Break up In Season 3?

After discovering the idol, Big John and John B return to their birthplace in Episode 6, The Dark Forest. Big John requests that his son keep his buddies in the dark about this. He stresses how crucial it is to keep Sarah in the dark as well. Big John has zero faith in Sarah’s family. John B heeds his father’s counsel and hides it from Sarah. He tries to keep the facts from his partner by seeming very cold towards her. Sarah confronts John with questions after spotting the lies. John mentions Sarah’s father and how he attempted to kill her in an effort to defend himself.

This fight hurts Sarah, and she leaves without a place to stay. Along with her pals, she attempts to locate shelter, but nobody can assist her. Sarah eventually breaks up with John B after turning to the one other person she can trust, her ex-boyfriend Topper.

That evening, Topper brings her to a freewheeling party and shows her a nice time. The celebration is relaxed, and Sarah appreciates being pampered like a princess. Sadly, she later cheats on John B by using Topper. Sarah eventually comes clean with John B, telling him the whole story. John B assaults Topper till he passes out in revenge. Sarah was the one who initially cheated, therefore she is devastated by the quarrel and John B’s angry response that almost killed Topper.

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Why Did John B and Sarah Get Back Together in Season 3?

During their altercation, Topper urges Sarah to testify so he may accuse John B of assault and file charges. Although John B needs time to save his father, she convinces Topper to hold off on filing charges that day. Topper agrees to withdraw the allegations when Sarah kindly attempts to reason with him. Afterwards she goes to free John B from jail on bail. Sarah reevaluates her life in light of the entire incident. By the end of Season 3, Sarah decides to be a Pogue and be with John B, and they get married.

The reason Sarah unwisely cheated on John B and impulsively responded after their dispute may have been Topper’s response to the altercation. After the battle, Topper felt vulnerable and needed to demonstrate his masculinity. He obtained John B’s arrest by utilising his power and fortune. Sarah no longer wished to participate in that way of life. Instead, she follows her heart and choose John B. Naturally, he welcomes her back with open arms. The pair launched their own surf shop together 18 months later, and they are still very much

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