Lockwood and Co Season 1 Episode 5 Recap – Who is Flo Bones?

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There are spoilers in this Lockwood & Co., Season 1, Episode 6, “You Never Asked,” recap from Netflix.

The cliffhanger finale of Episode 5 showed a man dying on their doorstep, as if the children of Lockwood & Co. didn’t already have enough to worry about. He was known as Carver, and he was the sidekick of a relic hunter by the name of Danny, an old buddy of Anthony’s who is also deceased after attempting to rip out his own eyes after seeing something dreadful in a magic mirror that has yet to be discovered. There is a lot going on, and “You Never Asked” addresses it all as the action picks up in the final stretch.

Lockwood and Co Season 1 Episode 5 Recap

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Barnes permits the children to look into Carver’s slaying. The only lead they have is that he was slain by one of a pair of sixteenth-century daggers, but there are more important problems to take care of first.

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Who is Flo Bones?

As we learned in Episode 4, Lucy is the only individual since Marissa Fittes who appears to be able to communicate with Type 3 ghosts. The skull in the jar that George took from the Fittes Agency just so happens to be a Type 3, and it chatters quite a bit in “You Never Asked.” It requests that Lucy take it back to Bickerstaff’s home, where they should be able to get answers regarding the bone glass.

While all three of the children enter the house, Lucy is tricked by the skull into entering by herself, leaving her exposed to the ghosts of Bickerstaff’s “patients,” the unfortunate people who the deranged surgeon slaughtered in order to further his studies. After a narrow escape, the group is able to recover certain documents that need to be translated in order to learn how the bone glass was manufactured. Clearly, everything going on depends on Bickerstaff’s esoteric research and efforts to create sources.

A book by Mary Dulac that is located in the Fittes Agency’s Black Library appears to be unreachable but is actually a critical piece of the jigsaw. The kids’ invitation to a black-tie function there, nevertheless, not only gives them a reason to travel, but also puts a little strain and test on Anthony and Lucy’s relationship.

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The Ending

Meet 'Lockwood & Co.'s Trio of Sword Wielding Ghost Hunters - Bell of Lost Souls

Although it hasn’t been overtly romantic up until this point, Anthony’s jealousy indicates that it is. Kipps had already asked Lucy out for coffee, and it seems that his request wasn’t ignored. Although his concern that Lucy might accept a job elsewhere presumably stems more from his ego, it is clear that the two are in fact connected. The sensible money would suggest that it isn’t one-way traffic.

What actually needs to be determined, though, is whether Anthony’s hasty decisions will end any possible romance before it even gets started. The Fittes ball is a good excuse for both Anthony and Lucy to dress up, and to get into a little trouble, but that urge to go further and further, to make the most reckless and potentially dangerous decision in every instance, continues to define Anthony even after he has realized that he suddenly has more to care about than just himself.

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In the Black Library, there is some good action and tension as it appears that Penelope Fittes is working with a mystery, affluent swordsman by the name of The Golden Blade. I believe that the battle that Anthony and Lucy have with him is the best-choreographed so far this season, but it also makes it clear that they were intruding. They are forced to leave at the end of the episode, turning on the salt sprinklers to provide shelter and an amusing image.


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