Review of Sexify Season 2: A Brilliant Continuation


Review of Sexify Season 2: A Brilliant Continuation first published on Ready Steady Cut.

There are no significant spoilers in our review of Sexify Season 2 on Netflix.

The fact that Sexify made it into the Netflix Top 10s in over 80 countries with hardly a peep about it is very amazing. My social media DNA is such that I might be in the wrong crowd. Season 1 was my favorite because of its creativity and style. By design, it was colorful, but it also carried important messages.

Sexify Season 2 Review and Plot Summary

Sexify Season 2: Netflix adult comedy series returns with its 2nd season;  here is everything you need to know about it!

And Sexify Season 2 is no different, except that the software and intellectual property realm is messier. Although the novel emphasises the value of orgasms and relationships, the corporate world’s eaters of the flesh off of technology nonetheless serve as the plot’s antagonist.

In Season 2, Paulina (Maria Sobocinska), Monika (Sandra Drzymalska), and Natalia (Aleksandra Skraba) encounter a more serious threat. The world that thrives on competition and aggressive corporatism becomes the cornerstone of their probable destruction, but launching the Sexify app is the least of their troubles. With the addition of their interpersonal interactions, explorations of love, challenging parents, and the quest for pleasure, Sexify Season 2 could very well surpass the success of its predecessor.

The story’s central theme is the frightening realm of intimacy. It shouldn’t be taboo to discuss how two people combine sexually and give each other pleasure, especially in the west. In order to continue serving as a case study for that ultimate intimacy with the ideal match, Sexify takes off the taboo like a thin plaster. It’s interesting to witness the women who created the app struggle with intimacy while releasing a product that offers a solution.

Is Sexify Season 2 Good?

It occurred on me around halfway through Sexify Season 2 that shows like this are becoming more and more significant, which partly lifts the plot. This Netflix series serves as a reminder that a human relationship requires work and that a mobile application is not always the solution we are seeking for in today’s disconnected world where dating apps promote promiscuity and polyamorous relationships above genuine connections.

It is necessary to laud the cast. With her portrayal of Natalia, Aleksandra Skraba excels in the role yet again. Introverts will identify strongly with her worldview. After all, she is a logical person, and Season 2 shows the problem solver continuing to beat the odds while maintaining excellent humor.

Watching Sexify Season 2 is worthwhile. It’s an excellent continuation that we hope returns to the Netflix Top 10.

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