What happened in Season 1 of The Night Agent? (Episodes 1-10)


The Night Agent, a Netflix original series, is based on the corresponding Michael Quirk book. Gabriel Basso, Luciane Buchanan, Hong Chau, Sarah Desjardins, and some well-known veteran Hollywood actors like Robert Patrick and D.B. Woodside appear in the series.

Enjoy this recap of Season 1 of the Netflix series The Night Agent.

Recap What Happened in The Night Agent Season 1? (Episodes 1-10)

Episode 1 The Call

In a flashback, Peter puts an end to the bombing of the subway, but the man with the enormous snake tattoo escapes. When Rose phones the number provided to her by her Aunt and Uncle, who work as government secret agents, a night action is already in progress and he is now a night agent. They are murdered by two assassins, and Peter helps Rose escape the killers. A few days later, those murderers break into a Wisconsin house and steal—what?—something significant.

Episode 2 Redial

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Rose is still being shielded from the assassins by Peter. When Farr calls him, he informs him that FBI Deputy Director Hawkins has passed away. In her aunt and uncle’s cabin, Rose and Peter discover a hidden hard drive. The bombing subway train’s number, 2781, is written in a file kept by the industry.

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Episode 3 The Zookeeper

The detail for Maddie, the Vice President’s daughter, is given to Erik Monk, a Secret Service agent who saved the former President. Farr swiftly dispels Peter’s suspicion that she is a traitor and that she was involved in the killers following them to the cabin. Maddie, the daughter of the vice president, flirts with her art professor. Yet it turns out that the teacher was responsible for the metro bombing.

Episode 4 Eyes Only

Peter and Rose encounter Lorna, an old acquaintance of Rose’s family, who directs them to the location of the metro bombing’s intended victims, a coffee shop and two city blocks away. The assassins later assassinate Lorna in her house. Afterward, the program reveals that Maddie’s father, Vice President Redfield, is the mastermind behind the bombings and murders.

Episode 5 The Marionette

Maddie cancels her Secret Service meeting and goes to meet her art professor Paulo at his house. When the man with the snake tattoo enters, they are going to go to sleep together. Paulo is shot by him, and Maddie is taken.

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Episode 6 Fathoms

The mole has finally been located! Peter hides Rose with Cisco when he meets Diane Farr in the White House. Peter, though, never told her where he had placed her. Farr slips it past Peter by instructing him to have his trooper friend drop Maddie off at the loading dock as he wraps up his briefing. Peter escapes from Farr’s attempt to capture him, and Dale and Ellen pursue Rose, killing Cisco in the process. To protect Rose, Peter kills Dale.

Episode 7 Best Served Cold

Peter and Rose find out Colin Worley’s true identity as the culprit in the metro bombing. A nanny cam of Maddie recording her father, who confesses he was accountable for Sarah and her death, was the item taken from the house in the premiere episode.

Episode 8 Redux

The perpetrator of the metro bombing was Colin Worley, whom Wick assassinated after the plan went awry. He has since changed his name to Matteo and taken the President’s daughter. How is that even possible? Wick murdered Colin without realizing Matteo, Colin’s identical brother, was a guest at the apartment. Afterwards Corey adopted his brother’s persona. When Matteo and Erik attempt to save Maddie, Ellen kills them both. Rose then knocks Ellen over a guard rail to her death.

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Episode 9 The Devil We Know

Rose, Maddie, Chelsea, and Peter are aware that the Vice President is involved in the Zadar assassination attempt. The bomb is intended to detonate, killing Zadar, but it never does. Farr believes Redfield and Wick want to kill her and have frozen her to death. When Peter and Rose appear and inform her that the President is now the target, she is just about to leave her home in the hope of leaving the country.

Episode 10 Fathers

A presidential assassination attempt is discovered by Peter and Rose. They infiltrate Camp David with the aid of Farr; Almora is murdered, but Peter prevents the President from boarding a helicopter that was intended to blow up Redfield and is subsequently detained for treason. Peter learns the truth about his sinful father, who is given the opportunity to work as The Night Agent.

That sums up the entire plot of Season 1 of the Prime Video series The Night Agent (Episodes 1-10). What do you think of the narrative? Comment if you would

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