What Is Buried in The Grave in Lockwood and Co Season 1 Episode 4?

What is Penelope up to? was the post that initially appeared on Ready Steady Cut’s website for Lockwood and Company Season 1 Episode 6.

Spoilers are included in this recap of Lockwood and Co., Season 1 Episode 6, “You Never Asked,” from Netflix.

As if the children of Lockwood & Co. didn’t already have enough to worry about, a guy was found dead on their doorstep in Episode 5’s cliffhanger conclusion. Carver was his name, and he was the sidekick of a relic hunter named Danny, an old buddy of Anthony’s who is also dead after attempting to claw out his own eyes after seeing something horrifying in a magic mirror that still has to be recovered. There is a lot going on, and “You Never Asked” tackles it all as the action picks up as we approach the conclusion.

Lockwood and Co Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

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The children are permitted by Barnes to look into Carver’s slaying. The only lead they have is that he was slain by one of a pair of daggers from the sixteenth century, but there are more urgent issues to take care of first.

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How Can Lucy Communicate with The Skull?

Lucy is the only individual since Marissa Fittes who appears to be able to communicate with Type 3 ghosts, as we learned in Episode 4. The Type 3 skull in the jar that George took from the Fittes Agency just so happens to talk a lot in “You Never Asked” and is a happy coincidence. It requests that Lucy take it back to Bickerstaff’s home, where they can look for information regarding the bone glass.

The skull fools Lucy into entering the house alone while the other two children walk with it, leaving her open to attack by the ghosts of Bickerstaff’s “patients,” the unfortunate people the deranged surgeon killed for his experiments. The group narrowly escapes being killed when they manage to obtain certain documents that need to be translated in order to learn how the bone glass was manufactured. Clearly, everything going on depends on Bickerstaff’s occult experiments and source-creation endeavours.

A book by Mary Dulac that appears to be unavailable since it is kept in the Fittes Agency’s Black Library is another important component of the puzzle. The kids’ invitation to a black-tie function there, however, not only gives them a reason to go but also puts some strain and test on the relationship between Anthony and Lucy.

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What’s in The Grave?

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Until now, this connection hasn’t really been overtly amorous, but Anthony’s resentment makes it obvious. Kipps had already asked Lucy out for coffee, which evidently wasn’t ignored. It’s clear that there is a genuine connection between the two, but his concern that Lucy might accept a job elsewhere definitely speaks more to his ego. Despite the possibility of one-way traffic, the intelligent man would predict the opposite.

The underlying concern is whether Anthony’s hasty decisions would kill any possible romance before it even begins. The Fittes Ball is a good excuse for Anthony and Lucy to get dressed up and into some mischief, but Anthony’s desire to go further and further—to always choose the most reckless course of action that could result in serious harm—remains his defining characteristic even after he realises that he now cares about more than just himself.

In the Black Library, there is some good action and tension as it appears that Penelope Fittes is working with a mystery, affluent swordsman by the name of The Golden Blade. The fight that Anthony and Lucy have with him is, in my opinion, the best-choreographed of the season so far, but it also makes it obvious that they were intruding. They are forced to leave at the end of the episode, using the salt sprinklers as cover, which also creates a fairly cool image.

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