What’s coming to Netflix in February 2023?

Welcome to our monthly preview of Netflix‘s upcoming February 2023 releases. Please note that this page gives special attention to well-known IPs or eagerly anticipated films and TV shows, with a focus on original content rather than licensed material. This article will be frequently updated during the month with the most recent additions as and when we acquire them because complete information isn’t yet accessible. Also keep in mind that we at Ready Steady Cut provide the most in-depth coverage of all streaming releases, so be sure to check back frequently for links to both our reviews and recaps for February’s releases as well as updates.

What s coming to Netflix in February 2023?

February 1

Crunchyroll - Detective Conan: The Culprit Hanzawa Spin-Off Anime Starts  Committing Crimes on October 3

Case closed: Hanzawa is the offender— In this “Detective Conan” parody spinoff, a silhouetted suspect travels to the criminally active village of Beika with the intention of killing someone.

The strangest thing about Gunther’s Millions isn’t that it’s a dog with a trust fund.

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February 2

The handler of Gunther’s sect likewise led a lavish lifestyle with a cult-like entourage.

Freeridge— After a strange old box seems to bring misfortune and more into their lives, four teenage friends try to break a curse.

February 3

Improve My Day— Unknown creatures have unexpectedly emerged from the deep underground on a chilly planet covered in ice and snow and have started attacking the locals.

Class—Three pupils from a low-income area enroll in an exclusive Delhi high school where murky tales and secrets eventually result in murder.

Two detectives relentlessly search for the perpetrators of an abduction they believe is a part of a nefarious pattern while the coronavirus upends their lives in Infiesto.

Stromboli— When her vacation goes south, a woman enrolls in a challenging self-help retreat, haunted by memories of her failed marriage and an argument with her daughter.

True Spirit: A fearless Australian youngster sets out to become the youngest person to sail solo around the world, chasing her aspirations and confronting her fears along the way.

February 8

Vikingulven/Viking Wolf A teenager experiences unusual visions and bizarre desires after witnessing a macabre murder at a party in her new town.

Legendary NBA champion and social rights leader Bill Russell

February 9

In this biographical film, Bill Russell creates a larger-than-life legacy both on and off the court.

The Cage and Muhammad Ali Road’s Rawan Mahdi and Mona Hussain feature in the workplace drama The Exchange.

February 10

The Bounty Hunter, my father When his two children unintentionally accompany him on a journey into space and cause a mission crash, an interplanetary bounty hunter takes fatherly duties to new heights.

Hello, David a direct- When a high school student’s satirical fantasy blog about her crush is leaked to everyone at school, her life is completely turned upside down.

The missing person case that a lawyer turned private investigator accepts sends him on an unforeseen and life-changing journey.

Kim Ok-vin (“Arthdal Chronicles”) and Yoo Teo (“Money Game”) star in the rom-com Love to Hate You, which is a tried-and-true example of an enemies-to-lovers story.

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February 14

(Season 4) You— A young man who is fiercely obsessed and dangerously charming will go to great lengths to interfere in the lives of individuals who have captured his attention.

Your Place or Mine: When Debbie and Peter, best friends and complete opposites, trade homes for a week, they gain a glimpse into one another’s life that might lead to love.

February 15

All the Locations— A childhood dream comes true for two siblings who haven’t seen each other in 15 years as they embark on a motorcycle road trip through Mexico.

A Sunday Event— Uche and Toyin, who have been best friends for their whole lives, fall for the same complicated man, which puts their friendship to the test as they deal with a painful revelation.

February 16

#NoFilter— Marcely quits college because she finds her coursework boring in order to pursue her new aspiration of being an influencer. But it’s not as easy as it seems to live online.

February 17

Full Swing— During a grueling season of competition, this compelling documentary series follows a diverse group of professional golfers both on and off the course.

February 22

The Upshaws, third season: In this comedic series, a working-class Black family in Indiana struggles to maintain a happy household while pursuing better lives.

February 23

Unlocked: When a perilous man finds a woman’s lost cell phone and uses it to follow her every step, the woman’s entire world is flipped upside down.

In Triptych, a persistent detective sets out on a risky quest to learn the truth about her past after learning that she is one of three identical triplets.

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February 24

Say I’m Chihiro In a small seaside town, an unrepentant former sex worker begins working at a bento stand, offering consolation to the lonely people who pass by.

Outer Banks (third season) Teenage John B recruits his three closest friends to help him search for a fabled treasure connected to the disappearance of his father on a place where the wealthy and the poor coexist.

Season 5 of Formula 1: Drive to Survive— During each competitive Formula 1 racing season, the lives of the drivers, managers, and team owners are lived in the fast lane both on and off the track.

We Have a Ghost is a film about a family who become internet celebrities and the targets of a mysterious government organization after discovering a ghost with a mysterious past haunting their new home.

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