Who dies in Outer Banks Season 3? Deaths Explained

Who passes away in Season 3 of Outer Banks? Ready Steady Cut aired Deaths Explained first.

Who perishes in Season 3 of Outer Banks? In the third season of Outer Banks, which contains big spoilers, we explain the deaths.

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Who Dies in Outer Banks Season 3?

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Jimmy Portis

Teenagers and adults travel to the Outer Banks in pursuit of the fabled city of El Dorado. Our youngsters are thrust into a frightening criminal world full of scary villains and gun-toting bad guys during this perilous treasure hunt. This all results in a lot of violence and death, as you might anticipate. The third season is especially bloody since the quest for unimaginable riches results in numerous shocking and horrifying deaths, some of which involve important characters. Below is a list of the major fatalities from Season 3 of the Outer Banks.

The Pogues are stranded on a barren island that they have aptly called Poguelandia when the series begins. They have a good time while they are here, but a passing aircraft soon rescues them. The pilot, Jimmy Portis (Kraig Dane), is a hired gun who is pursuing the teenagers.

Carlos Singh’s Goons

He works for Carlos Singh, a mafia boss who seeks Denmark’s diaries. He thinks the teenagers are in possession of the diary that will take him to El Dorado. Singh kidnaps Kiara and Rafe and demands the diary immediately. To show Kiara and Rafe that he means business, Singh kills Jimmy. In Episode 1, poor Jimmy gets shot and killed.

The teenagers succeed in getting away from Carlos Singh and leaving Barbados. John B and Big John keep looking for the authentic copy of Denmark’s diary. But Singh’s soldiers arrive earlier and take it back. While pursuing and attempting to bargain with these outlaws on the river, Big John and John B. Big John will be held captive while John B is killed by the thugs.

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Professor Sowell

The bodies are nonetheless dumped in the water after being shot by John B’s father. John is terrified when he witnesses his father’s darker side for the first time. Later, while being held captive by Singh, he pushes a man out of a window.

Big John wants to translate the symbols on the idol once he has it. They arrive at Kelly Kepler’s residence, where they discover she has passed away from an eerie heart attack. Big John then goes in search of Kelly’s fellow expeditionary, Professor Tommy Sowell.

Carlos Singh

He begins deciphering the glyphs while being struck by a dart that is flying and dying from the poison. He is killed by Singh’s thugs before he can figure out the puzzles. Afterwards John B is brought outdoors and poisoned as Big John is held hostage. But, John B is able to flee this time.

In the epilogue, Singh goes into the caves after Big John and the group and waits until the kids come out carrying the gold. With their bag of gold, Sarah and John B emerge from the watery passageway. Singh threatens to rob them of it while brandishing a gun.

Ward Cameron

To save the day, Big John shows up carrying a stick of dynamite. He threatens to blow up the cave unless Singh releases them. The explosive is then thrown by Big John. Singh attempts to put out the dynamite as they flee rather than running away as a rational person would. Inside the cave, he gets blown apart.

In season 3, Sarah’s father appears to be making an effort to mend his ways and atone for his transgressions. But then something in him snaps, and he once more transforms into a complete villain.

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Singh is assisted by him in finding the gang and the gold. Ward goes to the gang to take the gold after the explosion. He attempts to steal it, but Sarah forbids it, causing him to put down his weapon. Ryan, Singh’s second in command, shows up and demands vengeance for his fallen allies. He says he’ll shoot Sarah. Ward offers himself as a sacrifice and protects Sarah from the impending gunfire.

Big John Routledge

After the explosion, Ryan (Lou Ferrigno Jr.), one of Singh’s soldiers, tries to shoot Sarah. In retaliation for the passing of one of his team members, he picks Sarah at random. Ward leaps in front of Sarah to protect her and takes the gunfire. Ryan is then pushed off a cliff and away from his daughter. They both die when they fall. Ryan is killed by Ward, but Ward also perishes, sparing Sarah.

Earlier in the finale, John B’s father is shot during a shoot-out with Singh’s Gang (Season 3 Episode 10). He keeps on, solving the puzzles, and locating the cave.

Singh, however, also travels to the caves along his blood path. Big John eventually passes away in the bush and is buried with Ward Cameron. Even though Big John never got to visit El Dorado with his own eyes, he was able to see the gold and enjoy finding it before he passed away. The crew’s leader who discovered El Dorado is identified as him.

Well, it concludes the third season of Outer Banks’ fatalities. Did we overlook someone significant? Tell us in the comments section below.

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