Will There Be a Sky High Season 2 On Netflix?


The TV show Sky High is a Netflix original crime thriller series in Spanish. It was published on March 17 and is a follow-up to Sky High, a 2020 Netflix film. Daniel Calparsoro and Jorge Guerricaechevarra are the series’ creators. It stars some of the same actors from the first movie, such as Patricia Vico, Luis Tosar, and Asia Ortega Leiva.

Sky High: The Series continues where the movie leaves off. Ngel, sole’s husband, recently passed away. She starts working with Ngel’s gang of robbers in order to take care of her son. She aspires to become the richest crime boss in Madrid. A mole named Fernan threatens Sole’s efforts by attempting to obliterate her family.

Sole is adamant about being independent of her criminal father, Rogelio, as she pursues her goal of becoming a crime lord. On IMDb, the series has a 6.4/10 rating. Both audiences and critics have generally given it favorable reviews. The decision to spread the story across seven episodes was criticized in the Ready Steady Cut review, which also claimed that it did not have the same appeal as the movie.

The fast-paced nature of the movie made it effective, but adapting it into a show caused the events to unfold more slowly, which may have caused viewers to lose interest in renewal. Yet, fans of Sky High: The Series are unsure if there will be a second season.

Will There Be a Season 2 of The Series Sky High Renewed or Canceled Status

Sky High The Series Season 2: Has Netflix Renewed the Spanish Crime  Thriller Series? | Leisurebyte

No one is certain if Sky High: The Series will return for a second season as of yet. Seven episodes, each lasting around 40 minutes, make up the first season. Despite its relatively favorable ratings and reviews, they could not be high enough to support the production of a second season.

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The change from a film to a television show format also means that the writers will take their time to execute the most dramatic scenes and story twists. This suggests that a fresh season could occasionally be boring.

Unfortunately, season 1 doesn’t end with many disputes resolved, leaving a possibility for more investigation in a follow-up. Sole intends to exact retribution when the truth about Estrella’s death is ultimately exposed in the conclusion. Season 2’s storyline thus has the potential to be interesting with more action and covert agents.

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