Will There Be a Viking Wolf 2? Sequel Possibilities

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Will there be a sequel to Viking Wolf? Initial airing of Sequel Possibilities on Ready Steady Cut.

We talk about if the Netflix movie Viking Wolf will have a sequel and whether it will contain spoilers.

The first Norwegian werewolf movie has received a mix of positive and negative reviews, making it somewhat of a sleeper. The bloody monster movie has only a 5.3 rating on IMDb as of this writing, so reviews have apparently been mixed. We were curious as to whether Viking Wolf 2 would be hitting our screens any time soon because the horror genre has always found an audience, and Viking Wolf definitely has its admirers.

What Happened at The End of Viking Wolf?

Viking Wolf Movie Review for Parents

Thale has started a vicious werewolf terror campaign as the situation in the town gets worse. Thale creates dog chow out of some unfortunate locals on the bus in a gory rage, sparing no one. She appears to identify and spare Jenny, her younger sister, indicating that she is still alive at the conclusion of the third act.

Thale has started a bloody werewolf terror campaign, appearing to only be aware of and sparing her younger sister Jenny. Since Thale has been sedated, Mum Liv is prepared to use a gun and a silver bullet to stop her wolf daughter in her tracks.

At the conclusion of Viking Wolf, Thale is not nonetheless shot. We observe Liv at home, seemingly unused with the silver bullet. This suggests that Liv, Thale’s mother, might not have been able to fire the shot, and that Thale might still be alive and living in the wild today.

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Will there be a Viking Wolf 2?

There is no information regarding a movie sequel. There is an ambiguous ending that leaves the tale open, so it does appear that the production crew is hoping for a sequel. We observe that Arthur, a werewolf hunter, has been bitten. Has he acquired a disease?

What Could the Sequel to Viking Wolf be About?

Will there be a Viking Wolf 2? Here's what we know about a sequel:

With Thale most likely still alive and wailing someplace, the setup for a sequel is clear. If a sequel is approved, I think Arthur might be in a position to reappear. A strong possibility exists that Liv attempted to save her daughter rather than kill her.

Could Liv have attempted to save and heal her by hiding Thale somewhere? It should be remembered that Thale was not the only person harmed during the werewolf rampage; hence, there is still a chance that additional infected individuals will also turn into wolves. Since Liv is already troubled by guilt, a sequel might centre on her efforts to break the curse and either find a treatment for lycanthropy or put an end to people’s fear of wolves forever. A fitting and epic climax for the sequel would be a last struggle between Liv, Jenny Arthur, and Thale, who might very well be the leader of a wolf pack.

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Viking Wolf 2 Release Date

With no official release date or even an idea that a sequel is in the works, it is hard to speculate on a timeline, but it would seem that at least a year would be allowed for filming, and with an effects-laden film, more time could be added for post-production, meaning that a sequel would not be on the table till mid to late 2024.

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