Will There Be a War Sailor Season 2 on Netflix?


Gunnar Vikene, the author-director of the feature film 2022 sWar Sailor, a three-part Norwegian Netflix limited series titled War Sailor, tells the same tale of stranded working-class sailors being involved in World War 2 in this series.

This is a humane but unevenly paced and structured drama that blends the horrors of war with a more specifically human kind. It primarily centers on the friendship between two sailors trapped aboard a merchant ship in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and how that dynamic plays out before, during, and after the conflict.

From our analysis:

Here is all the information we have for a possible follow-up.

Will There Be a War Sailor Season 2 on Netflix?

Status of renewal or cancellation: TBC

Netflix advertised War Sailor as a limited series, which meant that only three episodes were planned for the entire series.

This makes sense, particularly in light of the fact that the identical tale was previously recounted, by the same author, in a feature film. While there was some ambiguity in the War Sailor Season 1 ending, it was a planned, tasteful ambiguity that would actually be harmed by greater investigation of these characters. The events shown in the series make a complete narrative arc.

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After all of this, it seems exceedingly improbable that War Sailorwill receive a second season renewal, even if it proves to be incredibly popular, which in this case it may.

The idea may still have some wiggle room, though. There are several tales like this one that may still be told, and the idea of common people becoming involved in a war throughout the world is appealing. By focusing on other sailors’ experiences during the conflict, Vikene may even maintain the same overall premise and maritime theme, but this would likely come off as milking the concept for all its worth.

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