According to a recent study, Stephen Hawking’s greatest claim may indicate that the universe is bound to burn up


The most well-known black hole theory of Stephen Hawking recently underwent a terrifying revision that declares the universe’s endgame is evaporation.

By gradually shedding what is now recognized as Hawking radiation, which is power in the type of light particles that appear near black holes’ incredibly strong gravitational fields, Hawking suggested that black holes will finally disappear in 1974.

According to a recent revision of the theory, Hawking radiation is now thought to be produced by taking power from any object with sufficient mass, not just black holes.

If the idea is correct, anything in the universe would ultimately vanish as light’s energy gradually escapes from it.

Lead author Heino Falcke, an astrophysics professor at Radboud University in the Netherlands, stated in a claim: “It indicates that things with no a horizon of events (the gravitational point with zero return in addition to that nothing, not also light, can escape a black hole), such as the remains of collapsed stars along with additional huge items in the universe, are also emitting this kind of radiation.”

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