On November 8th, Alabama Voters Will Decide the Fate of Aniah’s Law.

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Alabama residents will have the opportunity to weigh in on the passage of a bill named for Homewood native Aniah Blanchard on November 8.

This coming Wednesday, October 23, will mark three years since Blanchard was taken from a convenience shop in the Auburn neighborhood. After almost a month, right before Thanksgiving, her body was discovered.

Elijah Blanchard, Aniah’s brother, says, “This time of year, you know, is probably the worst month of the year clearly because you know, we lost Aniah on October 23.” But it’s more difficult now because these were the final moments we had with her.

Aniah’s Law was passed by the Alabama legislature early in 2021. Those accused of violent offenses would have an easier time getting bond denied by the court. It was later approved by Governor Kay Ivey, who will defer to the voters on November 8.

According to the police, the suspect in the kidnapping and murder of Aniah Blanchard was out on parole from an earlier kidnapping case. Aniah’s Law has the ability to prevent a repeat of this kind of tragedy.

Legal expert and local lawyer Tommy James says it would have far-reaching consequences.

On November 8, Alabama voters will decide on ten statewide amendments and restructuring and update to the 121-year-old governing text.

Over many decades, new provisions have been added and old ones removed 978 times to the 1901 Alabama Constitution. A total of seven hundred and fifty amendments, each pertaining to a single county or municipality, have been appended to the already lengthy main text.

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