As a transgender girl takes 2nd place at the California Meet of Champions, Caitlyn Jenner screams, “THIS IS WRONG”

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When a transgender girl finished in 2nd place at the California Meet of Champions competition on Saturday, May 22, Caitlyn Jenner seemed to be the driving force behind a protest from the general public.

Following the publication of an article by Outkick wherein it claimed “a man participating as a woman” developed to the California State Track & Field Championships, that the publication further claimed could have left to “a worthy female,” regardless of the runner-up, Athena Ryan, recognizing as such, the victory swiftly became a contentious topic of discussion.

A guy high school student that might have placed bottom for boys in the 1600-meter race pulled in 2nd for girls and took a state title competition slot from a worthy girl, according to a statement issued by Outkick’s founder, Clay Travis, following the race. He shared a story produced by one of his staff members. Looking at the girl in the 4th spot in the photo. She must be angry because she is.”

Jenner expressed to her Twitter followers her critical opinion in agreement with Travis.


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