Aspiring Model Remembered for ‘Sweet and Loving’ Death from Swanky Rooftop Bar in NYC

Family members of the 26-year-old victim of Thursday’s fatal rooftop bar fall in Manhattan described her as “sweet and loving.”

She was an aspiring model. Elizabeth Gaglewski, a resident of Queens, was reportedly killed on Wednesday after she fell from the ledge of Bar 54 at the Hyatt Centric Times Square New York.

Her uncle Tony Smith told The Post, “She was just a good person, a sweet and loving, caring kid.” Her unnamed aunt Janet chimed in, saying, “She was a good, loving, kind girl.”

On Thursday, detectives were still trying to figure out if Gaglewski fell because he jumped or if he fell because he slipped.

A day after the tragic incident in which Gaglewski fell from the 54th floor and landed on a 27th-floor balcony, police said the family was still coming to terms with their loss.

Aspiring Model Remembered for 'Sweet and Loving' Death from Swanky Rooftop Bar in NYC

Her uncle said they didn’t know if she fell intentionally or not, and he wouldn’t comment on whether or not she was depressed or having mental health issues.

“We haven’t gotten all the details from police yet,” Smith said. The police have stated that they are examining surveillance footage of the incident. It is reported that staff members tried to save her life, but she had already jumped off before they arrived.

And they witnessed it. Earlier on Thursday, an employee who wasn’t present but had been briefed on the incident told The Post that no matter what they did, they just couldn’t save her.

Everyone On Staff Is in Shock Right Now

Following the incident, witnesses reported to police that a woman had been “seen jumping” from the ledge.

Aspiring Model Remembered for 'Sweet and Loving' Death from Swanky Rooftop Bar in NYC

It was reported that Gaglewski was not a hotel guest and that she had ordered a drink before attempting to scale the hotel’s exterior.

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