At Churchill Downs, two more horses pass away, making 12 this month

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The Kentucky Derby track in Louisville, Kentucky, has lost 2 more horses to injury; these are the 11th and 12th animals to pass away at Churchill Downs in the past month.

According to the Associated Press, which claimed track employees, the 7-year-old Kentucky-bred horses Lost in Limbo and Mare Kimberly Dream were put to sleep on Friday and Saturday. While competing in the opening race on Saturday, the mare Kimberly Dream broke the lower sesamodean ligament in the front leg. The same injury occurred to Lost in Limbo on Friday following the 7th race.

After experiencing severe wounds on the racetrack, the twelve horses had to be killed.

These horses were put to death, based on Churchill Downs, since their wounds were “inoperable and unrecoverable,” the AP reports. The racecourse is looking into the most recent casualties, which came after a string of others when the Kentucky Derby started early in May.

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