What Issues Does Athlete Elnaz Rekabi Encounter After Competing Without A Hijab?

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At the Asian Sport Climbing Championships on Sunday in Seoul, the 33-year-old competitor did not wear the Islamic Republic of Iran’s mandated headscarf.

Rekabi’s intention to compete without the hijab on September 23 comes as protests over the September 16 death in detention of a 22-year-old woman reach their fifth week.

Concerns are mounting, though, that she will face severe punishment in her own country.

As a result of her decision to compete without the hijab, Rekabi has received concern from supporters and Farsi-language media outside of Iran.

Mrs. Elnaz Rekabi left Seoul for Iran on Tuesday morning, October 26, 1401, after the Asian Championship rock climbing competition concluded, according to a tweet posted by the Iranian embassy in South Korea.

Athlete Elnaz Rekabi, who competed without a hijab, returns to Iran

The Iranian Embassy in Seoul categorically rejects any and all rumors that Mrs. Elnaz Rekabi is currently in South Korea.

Two Iranian women have recently been exiled due to controversy surrounding their hijab while competing in sports.

Elnaz Rekabi, an Iranian competitive climber, returned to Tehran early on Wednesday to a hero’s welcome after participating in South Korea without the obligatory headscarf used by Iranian women in sports.

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