Bringing Marijuana Through Lax Airport: Five Traveling Tips

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Los Angeles International Airport has updated its rules regarding marijuana consumption in a recent change. Following the new regulations, travelers may now, in cooperation with the LAPD, bring a reasonable quantity of cannabis into their carry-on bags. This modification coincides with California’s recently passed Proposition 64. However, before bringing marijuana on a trip, travelers need to use caution and be mindful of a few safety measures.

Know Your Limits

It is crucial to be aware of the legal restriction on cannabis possession if you intend to travel through LAX airport with it. If you go above the allotted amount, the LAPD may decide to fine you or possibly have you arrested.

Local Travel Regulations

The LAX airport released a statement outlining several precautions that travelers should take before bringing cannabis on a plane.

Smoking Areas

Smoking out in public is not illegal at LAX, but it is not recommended either.

How to Get Past Security

It can be difficult to get into the LAX airport security line, particularly if you’re transporting marijuana.

Managing the TSA

It’s important to know what to do if the TSA decides to bring you away throughout the security check.

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