China and the US are getting ready for war, but America is unprepared

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Nobody will ever arrive at the table in a confrontation between the 2 most powerful nations in the world completely ready for war. It takes extensive mobilization to engage in an international war, and it might be difficult to predict the scale of resources needed before the fighting begins.

The world could be hopeful that an all-out war between the US and China will be prevented but tensions between the 2 countries are only becoming worse. How ready is the United States if the Beijing threats develop into something more severe, wonder lawmakers, academics, and even American military leaders?

Researchers believe that a war in the Western Pacific is not urgent but is still an option. If the US and China got into a conflict, it would probably start with a Chinese military invasion of Taiwan, a self-governing democracy that Beijing continues to claim as its own and is considered a threat to its authoritarian authority.

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