Don’t Say Gay bill passes the Florida Senate and is headed to DeSantis’ desk

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The state Senate approved an extension of the “Don’t Say Gay” rule in Florida on Wednesday, and it is now headed to Republican Governor Ron DeSantis’ desk for his signature.

The Florida Senate expanded the state’s legislation that went into force last year by a vote of 27 to 12.

By 8th grade,” classroom lessons on sexual perspective or gender identification” will not be permitted under the Parental Rights in Education measure, as opposed to third grade under the previous bill.

Professors in high schools are restricted from addressing either subject in a way that is “age-appropriate or psychologically suitable” for their students. With the law’s growth, teachers also won’t be capable to talk about transgender kids using the pronouns of their choice.

“This law supports state standards, accessibility, and parental rights in Florida schools. According to state representative Adam Anderson (R), it mandates that courses for Florida’s students be age-appropriate, educational, and free of sexism and manipulation.

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