Following a call from women of color to utilize their “privilege” to call for action against gun violence, dozens of White women gathered at the Colorado Capitol

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As more believed to join them during the day, dozens of White women arrived at the Colorado Capitol on the morning of Monday to utilize their “privilege” in a quiet sit-in to urge Governor Jared Polis to outlaw firearms and institute a gun exchange scheme.

The protest also takes place during a national discussion about gun control and close to 2 months after Polis signed 4 gun control laws into law, including one that would have expanded the state’s red flag bill.

Following a terrible shooting in Nashville in March that left 6 individuals dead, especially 3 kids, a movement called Here4TheKids has called for White women to sit calmly till Democrat Polis issues an executive order prohibiting guns. 2 women of color, Tina Strawn, a Black woman, and Saira Rao, an American of South Asian descent, created it. Both of them are moms.

According to Strawn, who spoke to CNN, the campaign wants White women to lead the sit-in since “we understand what occurs if we come up with expectations.”

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