Mayor of Kingstown Season 2 Episode 4 Release Date, Airtime, and Online Streaming Location.

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We go over our predictions for the fourth episode of the Paramount+ series Mayor of Kingstown Season 2 as well as the premiere date and online streaming options.

The first phase of Mike Mclusky’s great plan has been orchestrated by Jeremy Renner; now he needs the inside gang leaders to carry out his nasty job. Unfortunately, in Five at Five, Mike’s police allies and the inmates as a whole seem to disagree with Mike’s philosophy and make his job considerably harder.

While Kyle (Taylor Handley) returns to Kingstown with a work ban, Mike looks for Iris (Emma Laird). Although hardly much happens in terms of the plot, it is a fast-paced episode that jumps from scene to scene at a rapid rate. What transpired in Mayor of Kingstown Season 4 Episode 3 is as follows:

Mayor of Kingstown Season 2 Episode 4

  • Iris returns to Milo and is soon back working in a brothel. Joseph gives her a bedroom and a wage. Iris talks with another prostitute called Tatiana, who offers her pills.
  • Mike hears that Bunny s grandmother s home has been raided. He heads to the police station to confront Ian and Stevie about this problematic incident. They say they had to do the raid, but Mike is enraged. Bunny will eventually find out about this.
  • In tent city, Bunny meets with Mike. He wants assurances and asks for a favor. At 5 pm, the guards will turn away. Bunny will then initiate the first stage of his plan.
  • Kyle is suspended after the shootout and quits, returning back to Kingstown. Ian can t give him work yet though and Mike doesn t have anything for him. Kyle needs to keep busy and he needs the money, but still refuses Mike s suggestion to search for Iris.
  • Mike talks with Joseph, asking for Iris s whereabouts. Joseph plays dumb. Mike notices a woman (Tatiana) with a baby at Joseph s. Mike then meets with Evelyn. They are shown around a privately-owned prison. The owners want to transfer tent city inmates to this new prison.
  • Tatiana lures Mike to the club and Joseph takes him, hostage. Mike is looking for Iris but has to fight his way out of Joseph s establishment instead. He tells Joseph to pass on a message to Milo: he knows he s out of prison and he will find him.
  • The guards turn away and the gang leaders start to beat up some inmates. Bunny is attacked though and just escapes with his life. This incident scares Bunny and he tells Mike to get him out. Mike has 48 hours to release him and his family will be next.
  • Mike tells the guards to keep Bunny safe. If they don t, then whatever happens to the Mayor will happen to the guards as well.

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Mayor of Kingstown Season 2 Episode 4 Release Date and Time

On Sunday, February 5, 2023, Paramount+ is set to air Season 2 Episode 4. It will be released at 3 a.m. ET/12 a.m. PT. Both the running time and episode 4’s title have not yet been determined.

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Where to watch online

With a Paramount+ subscription, viewers from all over the world can watch Mayor of Kingstown, Season 2, Episode 4 on an aforementioned day.

Mayor of Kingstown Season 2 Episode 4


  • The inmates at the tent city will start to be transferred to a new prison. This is bad news for Bunny, who is already losing control of the prisoners as it is. He needs stability and Mike s support to make a difference. Mike may not be able to help if they are sent to a new prison.
  • Mike has been threatened by a supposed ally. He has two days to secure Bunny s freedom or his family might be next. Mike doesn t have many choices, he needs to get Bunny out.
  • Iris is back in hell again, working in a brothel and hooked on drugs. Is this a suicidal, self-destructive thing or did she genuinely think Milo could help her? Mike will search the brothels for her, getting himself into more danger along the way.
  • More chaos in Kingstown.

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