What Pegasus Spyware Acquisitions Are Being Investigated by Mexico?

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The Israeli spyware company NSO Group owns Pegasus and normally only sells it to governments and law enforcement agencies.

On Sunday, the Mexican attorney general’s office announced it was looking into the legality of the previous administration’s acquisition of the Pegasus computer spyware.

Two people, including a former high-ranking official, are under investigation for their involvement with the Pegasus spyware, the office said in a statement released days after the current government denied spying on journalists and dissidents.

In the statement, Mexican prosecutors said they were investigating the $23 million purchase of Pegasus by the previous attorney general’s office for 457 million pesos.

They were looking into whether or not the necessary public tender procedures had been followed and whether or not the work had been done with proper justification.

The office said, without providing specifics, that judicial authorities had evidence that NSO had been “illegally selling” Pegasus in the second investigation.

NSO told Reuters earlier this month that it only grants licenses to law enforcement and intelligence organizations of sovereign states and government agencies with the agreement of the Israeli government, and that it immediately cancels contracts when misconduct is discovered.

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