Middletown Plaza Shop Rite Is Being Replaced by At Home Decor

Here’s some encouraging news if you live in or around Middletown, New Jersey, and are planning a home redecoration project or simply can’t get enough of shopping for decorative accessories for your home.

The Middletown Plaza, which hasn’t seen a supermarket tenant in over a year, will soon welcome an At Home home decor store, as reported by the Asbury Park Press.

As it appeared in 2017, this was the location of the former ShopRite on Route 35. It seems like a great spot for an At Home shop to set up shop. It has an aesthetic quality all on its own!

This 71,000-square-foot store is scheduled to debut in the spring of 2023. The Middletown Plaza, home to Walgreens, Petco, Dollar King, Retro Fitness, and many other stores and shops, will undoubtedly benefit from this.

Middletown Plaza Shop Rite Is Being Replaced by At Home Decor

If you’ve never been to an At Home before, you’re missing out. Recently, after relocating to a new apartment, I went into one for the first time and was almost paralyzed by the abundance of options. Believe it or not, I “need” to take another trip!

You can find anything you need to spruce up your home here. Everything from rugs to pillows to faux plants to storage to kitchen and dining room accessories to holiday decor to candles to curtains to furniture to outdoor sets to blankets to bathroom accessories and More!

Middletown, it’s time to compile all of your Pinterest pins for home improvement inspiration! There will be action next spring.

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