Poker Face Season 1 Episode 10 Release Date, Time and Where to Watch

In addition to mentioning the air date, time, and online streaming options for Poker Face Season 1 Episode 10, we also discuss predictions for the show.

Regrettably, Poker Face’s wildly popular first season is about to come to an end. Charlie Cale (Natasha Lyonne), in the show’s penultimate episode, “Escape from S*** Mountain,” becomes caught up in a murder investigation and a biblical snowstorm. The episode this week is full with dramatic tension and more unexpected events. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, David Castaneda, and Stephanie Hsu make cameo appearances. What transpired in Poker Face Season 1 Episode 9 is as follows:

  • Trey is going mad under house arrest. During a snowstorm, he is informed that his ankle tag will not work because the monitoring system is down. Trey seizes his chance and drink and drives in his sports car through the storm. It isn’t long before he hits someone.
  • Trey panics and puts the unresponsive body in his boot. He drives to his friend’s motel. Trey and motel owner Jimmy bury the body in a deep hole.
  • Back at the motel, Trey opens up about his house arrest. Jimmy is angry that he hasn’t contacted him in years. Trey is about to leave when there is a knock at the door. The corpse is outside, and the person is alive.
  • We revert to a few months earlier. Charlie is lost in Colorado. She befriends and falls in love with a local. They have a perfect relationship until winter arrives. Charlie hates the snow and tries to leave, but she is low on funds.
  • At a gas station, she meets Morty, who offers to pay for a ride out of there. They drive away from the mountains, but Charlie crashes her car. Morty returns for a tow truck, and Charlie is abandoned in the middle of nowhere. That night she wanders the roads and is hit by Trey.
  • Charlie is the one buried in the hole in the ground. She escapes by using a stick to help and crawls to the motel. Morty soon arrives in Charlie’s fixed car.
  • Jimmy and Trey question the women. Morty finds Charlie’s stick, which she believes is a human bone. Charlie figures it out. The bone belongs to a missing person called Chloe Jones.
  • Charlie and Morty don’t trust the men. Morty finds the hole and snaps a picture of Chloe’s skull. Trey catches her and offers her his car if she doesn’t blab. Morty takes the vehicle, but Trey knocks her out. He wipes her phone, then pushes the car off a cliff with Morty inside.
  • Jimmy offers Charlie some pills for the pain, but they are sleeping pills. Charlie pretends to take them and fakes passing out.
  • Trey tells Jimmy that Morty is dead and then goes to kill Charlie. She tries to convince Jimmy that Trey cannot be trusted. Trey shoots Jimmy and stabs Charlie, burying them both in the hole.
  • Trey rushes home before the parole officer arrives. He makes it in time but notices the ankle tag is missing. Charlie grabbed it and is buried with it.
  • Charlie wakes in the hospital. The ankle tag must have directed the police to her location.
  • Morty stole Charlie’s ID, and the police identified Morty’s body as Charlie Cale. Charlie is practically a dead person. She celebrates, but outside the hospital, Cliff is waiting for her.

Poker Face Season 1 Episode 10 Release Date and Time

Peacock will air Episode 10 on Thursday, March 9, 2023, at 3 a.m. ET. The Hook,” Episode 10’s title, will last for 56 minutes total.

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Where to watch online

With a Peacock membership, viewers can access Poker Face Season 1 Episode 10 on the aforementioned date.


  • Charlie is legally dead and has been tagged as a Jane Doe in the hospital. She will take on a new identity, which suits her just fine. However, this is also excellent news for Cliff, who can kill her without any real consequences.
  • Cliff is waiting for her outside, but I doubt he will kill our heroic lead. He may be able to track her down and question her, but I think Charlie will escape by the end of episode ten.
  • Will she finally take on a job as a detective, or will she continue to live a life on the run?

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