Poker Face Season 1 Episode 8 Release Date and Where to Watch


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We go over our predictions for Poker Face Season 1 Episode 8 on the Peacock network, as well as the air date and online streaming options.

This week, Charlie’s misadventures lead her to the racetrack where she sees another horrifying murder. This time, it’s because of the drivers Keith Owens (Tim Blake Nelson) and Davis McDowell’s intense rivalry (Charles Melton). Another murder mystery featuring deceptive plot turns and subtle, minor adjustments to the tried-and-true template. The conclusion isn’t as satisfying as in earlier parts, though. What transpired in Poker Face Season 1 Episode 7 is as follows:

  • Rivals Keith and Davis race one another. Keith takes the lead, but Davis plays dirty to win the race. The two fight afterward, and Keith denounces his retirement plans.
  • Keith’s daughter Katy is annoyed her father isn’t retiring, as she wants to take over the family legacy. Davis then shows up and vandalizes Owen’s garden, taking their mailbox for kicks.
  • Keith rigs Davis’ engine in retaliation, causing him to crash during a practice lap the next day.
  • We rewind to the previous day, and Charlie works as a cleaner at an arcade center. She happens to work with Davis’ mother, Jean, and gets friendly with the driver. He shows her how to drive an arcade simulator and even tries to kiss her.
  • Katy challenges Davis to a go-kart race. She beats him three times in a row. Humiliated, Davis vandalizes Keith’s garden.
  • Keith goes to sabotage Davis’ engine that night, but Davis catches him tinkering. He formulates his plan, loosening the seatbelts and keeping the fish hook contraption inside the engine. The next day, he challenges Katy to beat his lap time. She is the one that crashes the car, ending up in a coma.
  • Davis contemplates a mechanical failure, and they inspect the car, finding the fish hook contraption. Davis wants to confront Keith, but Charlie says she’ll speak with him instead. She figures out that Keith is lying. However, Keith confesses to the whole thing on live TV.
  • Charlie’s lie-detector skills overhear Davis lying about the seatbelt malfunctioning. She investigates further and figures it all out. Charlie confronts Davis, who chases after her in his tow truck.
  • Charlie cannot prove Davis’ involvement but scares him instead. She says that Katy has woken up from her coma and is after him. Davis develops a shaky hand, just like the one Keith had.

Poker Face Season 1 Episode 8 Release Date

Episode 8 is slated to air on Peacock on February 23, 2023, a Thursday. The Orpheus Syndrome,” Episode 8’s title, will run for 56 minutes.

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Where to watch online

With a Peacock membership, viewers from all over the world can watch Poker Face Season 1 Episode 8 on an aforementioned day.


  • Charlie sensed danger and was forced to quit yet another job. She is again on the move, driving through the States, looking for a new home to call her own.
  • The Orpheus Complex is the notion that individuals only have one true love in their lives, and once that person dies, they believe that their lives are also over. Maybe Charlie meets someone who shares this diagnosis.
  • Charlie hasn’t had much to do with Cliff or Sterling Frost Sr. For a while now. These bad guys will have to show their faces in the next few episodes. Charlie may give away her location in the next installment and be forced to do another runner.
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