Rampant demonstration of hatred against Jewish communities, drawing outrage from politicians and residents

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The alarming increase of antisemitic incidents in Georgia, following the propaganda demonstration that occurred outside of synagogues just last week. Politicians and Residents took their stand against it

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Antisemitic demonstrations and incidents have been on a steady rise across the country. 192 incidents were reported last year in Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, and Tennessee according to the Anti-Defamation League’s report. A 63% increase in such incidents was reported solely in Georgia between 2021 and 2022, as stated in an article found on Fox News.

Chabad of Cobb is peaceful Sunday, June 25, 2023, after it was the focus of a small group of Neo-Nazis protestors on Saturday. The temple always has 24-7 armed security to protect the East Cobb community Jewish temple. (Jenni Girtman for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)


Recently, a group of neo-Nazi fanatics was gathered in front of a synagogue in East Cobb, exhibiting various antisemitic propaganda and shamefully waving swastika flags during a Saturday service, reported by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.


On Friday, comparably, a group of 15 individuals was protesting and sending out antisemitic messages outside Temple Beth Israel in Macon. Witnessing such shameful demonstrations, pushed politicians, residents, and other people to take a stand and fight for our Jewish friends and families

Neo-Nazi members waving swastika flags outside synagogues in Georgia



U.S. Sen. Raphael Warnock posted a short encouraging Twitter post on Saturday:

“Yesterday we saw antisemitism on display in Macon, and now in metro Atlanta. This has got to stop, Praying for our Jewish community in Georgia and beyond. We must all raise our voices loudly against this vile hate.”

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp has sent Georgia National Guard medical staffers to 20 hospitals to help with the surge in COVID-19 cases. (Elijah Nouvelage/Getty Images/TNS)

Apart from him, Gov. Brian Kemp of Georgia posted a tweet Sunday morning, castigating the said neo-Nazi demonstrations calling it shameful and disgusting:

“There is absolutely no place for this hate and antisemitism in our state. I share in the outrage over this shameful act and stand with Georgians everywhere in condemning it,”


County officials have identified the said individual, as members of a small neo-Nazi group who travels around the country, disseminating such hateful ideologies. “There is no threat whatsoever at this time, we are closely working with Cobb County Officials and the police to ensure safety and security for all residents” in a statement from Chabad of Cobb County.


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