Risk Alert: Wisconsin’s Top 10 Hazardous Cities of 2023

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In the past in Wisconsin, the most frightening thing was an angry person from Wisconsin upset because the Green Bay Packers lost. Unfortunately, those times are now just a far-off memory.

Photo from: US 104.9
Photo from: US 104.9

Unlocking the Danger Code: Navigating Wisconsin’s Changing Landscape

Now, Wisconsin has more important things to worry about than football games. 
Some cities aren’t as good as they used to be. The state is famous for its dairy, but some areas are not very peaceful.

Are you interested in knowing which cities in Wisconsin are the most dangerous. You can find out by looking at the 2023 list on RoadSnacks. How did they figure this out. They had strong proof. They examined information from 137 cities by studying the most recent crime report from the FBIThe report included crime statistics for areas with more than 5,000 residents.

They discovered that crime rates in Wisconsin are higher than the rest of the country, especially in the most dangerous areas. Large cities such as Milwaukee and Madison are having a hard time dealing with more crime happening.

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Decoding Danger: Navigating Safety Measures in Wisconsin’s Transforming Landscape

It is surprising that a small town with fewer than 10,000 people has been named the ‘most dangerous place in Wisconsin’. Although Wisconsin is not the most dangerous state, there are some areas that need to be made safer. Do we need more police?  What about security cameras? Can drug rehab programs work It’s difficult to answer. Before you make any important decisions.

Find out about the most unsafe areas in Wisconsin. There are changes happening in Wisconsin. It used to be about cheese and the Packers, but now it’s about dealing with difficult things and keeping our communities safe.

10 High-Risk Places:

    1. Beloit: located an hour south of Madison, is not a safe place. Despite its lively farmer’s market, it ranks in the top ten for both violent and property crime in Wisconsin. In 2020, there were 878 thefts, 74 car thefts, and 117 break-ins, earning it the second-highest murder rate in the state.
    2. Brown Deer:  a village near Milwaukee, is the second most dangerous place in Wisconsin. With the fifth-highest property crime rate, it’s not the ideal suburb. Car thefts occur every two weeks in this village with 11,808 residents.
    3. Milwaukee:  famous for beer and motorcycles, is also the most violent city in Wisconsin. In 2020, residents had a 1 in 62 chance of experiencing murder, rape, robbery, or assault, including the highest murder rate statewide.
    4. Rice Lake:  with just 8,526 residents, faces challenges, averaging one rape case per month in 2020. Residents had a 1 in 40 chance of experiencing property crime.
    5. La Crosse:  a vital trade hub on the Mississippi River, battles crime due to its high population density. Despite crime challenges, it offers parks, museums, and universities.
    6. West Allis:  a Milwaukee suburb, earns its place due to high rates of both violent and property crime. In 2020, it reported 237 burglaries and 175 car thefts.
    7. Madison: Wisconsin’s capital, grapples with crime despite its association with college sports. With the third-highest burglary rate, residents had a 1 in 312 chance of violent assault in 2020.
    8. Eau Claire: named for “clear waters,” faces crime challenges, ranking eighth due to a high burglary rate.
    9. Grand Chute:  north of Appleton, Grand Chute ranks ninth, averaging over one violent crime per week and two property crimes daily.
    10. Hudson: an extended suburb of Minneapolis, faces a crime surge with a population boom, witnessing 329 property crimes in a year.

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