This Place Has Been Called Georgia’s Most Haunted Place


Savannah, Georgia is home to the historic mansion known as the Olde Pink House. Constructed in 1771, it stands as one of the city’s most visited tourist destinations. But the Olde Pink House is also renowned for being among Georgia’s most haunted locations.

Many spirits are supposed to continue to haunt the Olde Pink House, one of which is the ghost of James Habersham Jr., the house’s first owner. Habersham is reported to make appearances in the dining area and bar of the eatery, frequently adopting colonial costume and a powdered wig.

James Habersham Jr.’s spirit is reportedly one of the many ghosts who haunt the Olde Pink House. According to legend, Habersham can be observed in the eating area of the home, where he frequently sits by himself at a table. Slaves and troops from the American Civil War are among the other ghosts rumored to haunt the Olde Pink House.

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