Titanic Submarine Shock: Stepson of Lost Billionaire Participates in Blink-182 Concert During Rescue Operations

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Each of the 5 stuck within the submerged ship has a loved one who is carrying on with living regularly while searchers attempt to find the lost Titanic submarine while the 5 within exhaust without oxygen. RadarOnline.com has uncovered that the stepson of British billionaire Hamish Harding went to a Blink-182 event on Monday in San Diego. Harding disappeared on Sunday after his boat lost touch with the global world.

After pleading with his supporters to wish for his stepdad’s healthy return, Brian Szasz admitted to engaging in his preferred band. He wasn’t trying to hide his unusual behavior.

Brian additionally pointed out the odd move while posting a picture of himself laughing while putting on a bold red Blink-182 tee.

He texted the photo, “It could be unpleasant being here, but my loved ones will need me to be at the blink-182 concert as it’s my preferred band and songs comfort me in tough times.”

About an hour earlier, Brian had posted a news story regarding his stepfather’s disappearance.

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