What is the Most Dangerous Sexual Position in the World?


The riskiest sexual position in the entire world is not kinky, experimental, face-sitting, a daring variation of the Wheelbarrow, or anything involving activity balls, staircases, or friction play. You may have even given it a shot.

In the opinion of UK-based surgeon Dr. Karan Raj, who creates educational TikTok videos for his 5 million-strong audience, the Reverse Cowgirl is the greatest risky sex position in the entire globe.

The provider cannot control the speed and energy of the pushes because the other person is on top in this position. Raj deadpanned, “When there is a single erratic pushing or the actions of the 2 parties are out of sync, it might result in the man jabberwocky slipping out and getting smashed by the female pubic bone.”

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