Will there be a Your Honor Season 3 On Showtime?


Given how little attention it seems to receive in comparison to other star-studded smashes like The Last of Us over on HBO recently, Your Honor is one of the best shows available on streaming or network TV. The Showtime crime drama, however, with a beard-sporting Bryan Cranston in the lead role, has been pretty good from the start, offering a compelling and morally complicated narrative that even improved in a second season that, on paper, didn’t seem to have much of a reason to exist.

In our evaluation of that second season, we stated the following:

Your Honor season 2 excels with its deeper exploration of each character and the varying emotions incorporated into the storyline. We as humans experience grief, love, and loss, so though viewers may not relate to each character, a more profound connection can be formed when the audience understands their emotions. Season 2 of Your Honor may not be as gripping as the first, but every subplot is intriguing, and, with some characters, you can t help but feel empathy towards them as their journey unfolds.

It’s not surprising that people are interested in the show’s prospective future given how adored it is by its viewers. Here is what we do know:

Will There Be a Your Honor Season 3 on Showtime?

Your Honor on Showtime: cancelled or season three? - canceled + renewed TV  shows - TV Series Finale

Yet, in the current streaming environment, things aren’t usually so straightforward. Bryan Cranston himself has hinted that this season of the show was planned to be its final season.

The second season finale of Your Honor, a tremendous smash for Showtime, managed to deliver a lot of payoff and wrap up some loose ends, but it also unmistakably left the door open for a continuation. Gina is in charge of the Baxter family and has a tenuous alliance with Big Mo and Desire. Jimmy Baxter has been removed from office but is still alive. Michael is back in jail. The show’s female characters could be given more attention in the third season as characters like Michael and Jimmy have to deal with their own challenging situations.

Yet, all of this is merely conjecture. The viability of another plot in the same universe as well as the popularity of the program as a whole will ultimately determine whether Cranston decides to return since he is by far the most marketable star involved.

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Is Your Honor Canceled for Season 3?

It’s very likely that Your Honor has been postponed. Bryan Cranston’s prior remarks strongly imply that there are no future plans for the show. Fans will be overjoyed if Showtime and Bryan Cranston reversed course on Your Honor. After all, there are still many stories to be told in this immensely successful series, according to many of its followers.

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