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Imagine uploading your best content to Instagram that took hours to perfect and getting the occasional likes from your grandma and friends. You deserve more than that, right? 

The problem lies within your follower count. A low follower count will negatively impact your account as users think you are a bot or spam account.

We understand that gaining Instagram followers must be hard, however, do not worry, we compiled 3 of the best new tips to gain Instagram followers (a bonus special tip at the end!)

Our 3 main tips are:

  • Keeping a consistent content calendar
  • Experiment with different content 
  • Engage with followers

Keeping a Consistent Content Calendar

Uploading at weird and random times causes your followers to miss your content. This is why you should document when your post will get the most engagement. 

Uploading at a consistent time is very important because you don’t want your followers to forget why they followed you in the first place.

Keeping a consistent schedule with posting would make your followers more familiar with you. Also, this would boost your account to other users’ timelines, therefore making it more likely to be followed by the user. 

The more you appear on a user’s timeline, the more likely they will tap that follow button. 

Uploading every day would set a routine with your followers, as they would be expecting your post, therefore providing a consistent brand in their life. Consistently posting would also mean that your brand would be kept fresh in users’ minds. It would be never forgotten like that one missing pair of your favorite sock. 

Experiment with Different Content 

No one likes a copycat. Especially, users on Instagram. People have been brutally harassed in their comment sections for stealing or copying other content creators’ ideas. Do you want to be the next victim of the vicious hate mob?

Of course not! So be original and upload posts that will get people that will make people talk. Well, how? I suggest looking at the current trends circulating on Instagram. Take this trend and give it your own special twist. Users who are browsing the trend would be delighted to see something different from the norm; ultimately giving you your well-earned follow. 

To get more Instagram followers, your content must invoke a reaction from the users.  Studies have shown that 80% of users will follow the account when a laugh or a cry is made. So, put that thinking cap on and tap into the creative area of your mind.

Out of the billion people on social media, be the one that stands out, the masses of Instagram followers will surely come. 

Engage with Followers 

Never ignore your followers. They support and help you become the best Instagram account there is. Why not listen and reply to them? 

Whenever your followers ask you questions or general comments under your Instagram post, leaving a reply could truly leave a positive impression on your account. Non-followers could see that type of engagement and could see that you are a genuine account, gaining you another follower.

Engaging with followers will gain you more followers as the more comments your post gets, the more likely it is to be placed on the explore page. It’s simple really, replying to every comment increases your reach. Users would tap on your post more and give you a follow. 

So, don’t ignore user “puppylover612” and reply to their comment, you never know what could happen!

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