Tower of Fantasy: An F2P MMORPG Experience

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On the planet Aida, a powerful energy source called Omnium was once used to power the planet’s many facilities and provide its citizens with stable electricity. Humans constructed the Tower of Fantasy to absorb the energy and disperse it evenly throughout the land. However, the once stable energy spiked and caused a planet-wide cataclysm that nearly wiped out the entire planet’s population in one fell swoop.

Now, the ruins of that former civilization lie in disrepair, and the flora and fauna of the once beautiful planet have now become irradiated by Omnium. Now, as a lone explorer over 50 years after the cataclysm, you must traverse what is left of this land, fight the monsters that were created, and find a way to survive with your allies.

This is the world of Tower of Fantasy, a brand-new free-to-play MMORPG that takes the best parts of Genshin Impact and other modern action RPGs to create a one-of-a-kind experience. The Hotta Studio-developed title is available now, so before you head out to try and survive Aida, here is everything you need to know about Tower of Fantasy.

Thirst for Exploration

Despite the inhospitable nature of Aida after the Tower of Fantasy failed and caused Omnium to run rampant across the planet, the environments you will explore throughout this massive open-world experience are actually quite beautiful.

Climbing up a sheer cliff face to get a better view of your surroundings gives you the same sense of wonder many gamers had when playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for the first time. And unlike that game, you will often come across other live players also exploring and completing quests due to the “shared world” nature of Tower of Fantasy.

There are lush green fields, mountains, and even a few islands to explore as you play in addition to the genre-standard dungeons and arenas. Let your curiosity get the better of you and see everything Tower of Fantasy has to offer.

Intense Action

Combat encounters in Tower of Fantasy are more fast-paced than in similar games. You’ll engage a variety of enemies by unleashing flurries of attacks, dodging, and switching between three weapons per loadout until you build up enough energy to unleash a powerful, cinematic finisher to end them once and for all.

It might look difficult to manage just by watching, but the game does a good job of teaching you the rhythm of combat before you are presented with anything that is too difficult. You’ll be taking down foes that tower over you in no time!

However, like in most action games, it would serve you well to learn the dodge and parry timings before you get too deep. These mechanics can often help you overcome insurmountable odds when you don’t have other live players to back you up in combat.

Co-Op Camaraderie

Speaking of other live players, Tower of Fantasy can definitely be enjoyed alone in single-player, but the four-player co-op system is where the game truly shines. Grab three of your best friends and delve into the world of Aida to explore, conquer enemies, or even take on the challenge of the Apex League to climb the leaderboard and gain competition-exclusive rewards and gear.

Or, if cooperation isn’t your thing, you can also engage other players in intense bouts of PvP combat where the last person standing after a duel has bragging rights. Your combat skills will need to be extremely sharp, but if the challenge in the base game becomes too easy for you, this is always a great path to go down.

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